Monday, 7 July 2014

Stopping strokes for nearly free

7 July 2014
                This involves HIUS!  Which I have demonstrated to be 100% effective against cancer, heart disease, arthritis, asthma and iBS in my church health group!  I utilises 1 MHz 5 W from an ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet.
                Medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  To clear wrinkles and help with weight loss.  Physiotherapists have spent the quarter of a century publishing documents on the effectiveness of HIUS.  To clear limb damage!
                All six other coronary heart patients are stopped attending church!  This is not my intention.  There blood pressure fell to normal after only ½ minute of HIUS to the top left the chest and also the kidneys.  Medics have published documents on this 2012!
                I utilised my device I my friend Paul, who had type two diabetes!  A 10 second blast give a three day remission.  So I gave him ½ minute.  The diabetes want.
                He told me he is now had his insulin pump taking out, but it injecting insulin!  Like any drug addict, he has produced a dependency on biochemical insulin.  His medics have the obligation to gradually reduces insulin use, until he is totally free from it!
                I have this problem the man medication after my serious car accident.  It to be six months to come off my antiepileptic drugs.  Though I never had an epileptic episode.
                The drug company is are going frantic!  As the global prescription a diabetic medicine decreases.  As a condition is being cleared!  I are now claiming there are loads of a medicated diabetics out there.
                No there are not!  All our streets were realigned with corpses.
                The same applies to statins.  One application of HIUS to the top left the chest and the kidneys clears both for coronary heart disease and raised blood pressure.  No need for statins.
                HIUS ultrasound also helps the body and brain to repair itself!  So HIUS has removed the primary cause of strikes: raise blood pressure!  Immediately course of statins is defective medicine!  Expensive, not well tolerated and totally unproved!  We need a 30 year double blind medical trial!
                On the preventative effect of statins are strokes.  Without it no register Dr. Can prescribe statins.  Or they immediately medicine cells from the medical register.  They also get hit by claims for medical malpractice.
                The most expensive court actions out there!  The effectiveness of HIUS is simple to demonstrate.
                The diseases of age are characterised by hardened white structures!  In the cancerous organ, on the coronary arteries or kidneys, and around the pancreas for three main diseases of age.
                One application of HIUS for ½ minute removes the structures!  Ebo Power ultrasound scan costing under £1.00, will demonstrate conclusively the effectiveness of HIUS.
                Astra Zeneca has just paid 120,000,000 UK pounds for a patents exchange.  So it got the patents on asthma treatments!
                Three applications of HIUS clears asthma it in my experience: it is a more marginal disease and cancer, diabetes or heart disease.  Which Astra Zeneca was well aware of.
                I have been publishing documents about this matter since 2008.  Which the medics are after Zeneca have read!  The Hippocratic oath demands it.  So the asthma patents are valueless.  Biochemical treatments for asthma are defective medicine!
                Patents for defective medicine are void!  So the patents for cancer have absolutely no value.   So Astra Zeneca gave the Swiss 120,000,000 UK pounds, to take the patents away!  And presumably  shred them.
                This proves conclusively that cancer is now cured!  Biochemical treatment prescriptions are first degree murder by the GP and drug company!  Guaranteeing an unpleasant, painful and rapid death.
                The biochemical patents for coronary heart disease are also void!  As medics conclusively demonstrated 2012 a HIUS (for 1 half minutes in medicine total) clears the condition.  No register Dr. Is allowed to prescribe defective medicine.
                So all diabetes medicine is also are prohibited medicine!  Any biochemical prescription once the civil court case for medical malpractice.  For all the three main diseases of age.
                As I mentioned above, asthma (and arthritis) may take three applications of HIUS to clear.  Costing 0.03 cents.  The above ultrasound device applied to the chest, throat and nose will clear all infections.  Both viral and bacterial!  Penicillin is rendered defective medicine to.
                So the GP is left with an empty waiting room!  The only medical interventions people may require are A&E and maternity.  The biochemical requirement is totally minuscule!
                And best source from Vietnam.  Even China is too expensive!  The MD of GSK China is facing a six year prison term for illegal inducements!
                In the west any consumer electronics etc.  given by a the drug company to induce a registered Dr. to prescribe defective medicine also warrants jail time!  They are illegal.
                All biochemical patents are now invalid!  The lawyers protecting biochemical patents were totally aware that inducements from drug companys were always illegal!  They should not be registered as lawyers.
                They are serious criminals.  Along with the prescribing doctors!  The worth of a biochemical drug company is the athletics cell of its patents!  Which are now valueless.  As is Asta Zeneca.

Jonathan Thomason

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