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The climate is not carbon

18 July 2014
                Carbon dioxide supports the majority of life on earth!  Through photosynthesis.  The amount of life is proportional to the carbon circulating the environment.
                In the Jurassic there were far fewer fossil fuels.  So there was 65% more life on earth.  Were 60 metres lower.  Life was less evolved then!  So it left four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.
                Today if we are extracting the fossil fuels!  Coal comes up with fossilised life in.  All the fossil fuels were active life in prehistory.  Even the most stupid high school biology student is familiar with this science.
                There we were appear the proponents of man made global warming with ignorant of high school biology.  Then the weather started cooling naturally in 1995!
                Quick as a flash, only nine years later the base stooges to nuclear power decided what they really meant was ‘climate change’.  Which is global warming in a cooling world.
                Unlawful is biological rubbish!  That nuclear power was still prepared to invest $10,000,000 a year you writing academic papers on.
                To have any change on a system a variable needs to be a vector.  And then we can really need the starvation means of action.
                Since the little ice age global photosynthesis has limited free carbon dioxide in the air to only two parts per million.  A static 2ppm.  Which is why scientists have shut the hell up about man made climate change.
                It is preposterous nonsense!  Free carbon dioxide in the air is a constant.  All the burned fossil fuels are converted into active biology within 5 minutes.  Sucking the carbon dioxide from the air.
                Worse still: here the carbon dioxide never makes it to the stratosphere!  Where our weather systems are created.  So there is no possible means of action.  In any case carbon dioxide is a constant!
                August 2010 Harvard University put on record in New Scientist magazine that free carbon dioxide in the air have been static since the little ice age ended.
                During the little ice age free carbon dioxide was back at four parts per million-Jurassic levels!  Since 1880 free carbon dioxide has fallen to and remained static at only two parts per million.
                This makes all ‘climate scientists’ he spent 25 years talking about increasing carbon dioxide levels, looking biologically naïve.  And totally scientifically correct for.  Such individuals have no safely retired.
                Global warming was meant to science led!  But so is teaches us the carbon dioxide in the air is capped by global photosynthesis on the seas and on land.  98% of his own constrained by nature.  Man has had no imput into the carbon cycle-life support system on earth.
                Carbon dioxide is toxic had 8%.  That 400 parts per million plants would grow at 200 times the established rate.
                Every day during daylight hours, carbon dioxide is converted into active biology.  Leaving only two parts per million in the air.  How can we suddenly gets 400 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air?
                That was supposed to be the gradual increase over 840 years.  But every afternoon carbon dioxide is back to 2ppm.
                Manmade global warming was devise by nuclear power to distract the world from the Chernobyl incident: which demonstrated with a any question that nuclear power from uranium was most toxic process mankind iever allowed on earth.
                Meanwhile every biological organism on earth emits gamma wave radiation and produces helium gas.  There is no none nuclear source of higher frequency X rays or helium.  That is what gamma wave radiation is!  Higher frequency X rays.
                You do it!  As you heart beats.  Which is why you breathe out helium.  There is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air your breathing.  The helium is lost to space every day.  And replaced by the massive amounts on nuclear fusion going on in nature.
                Molecular nuclear fusion is four times as exothermic as hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  A hydrogen plasma is a nuclear fission of hydrogen.  And he is twice as exothermic again!
                A steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion.  And is an in plant replacement for hyper toxic enriched uranium.
                And yet nuclear power will not use molecular nuclear fusion.  As it is the free Energy System used by nature.  That does not generate hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                It produces 3helium.  But within the plasma this interacts with a neutrons formed by the interaction of hydrogen ions and free electrons.  This causes the free helium to fission exothermic Lee back into hydrogen.
1                     H++e- ->n0
2                     3He+n0->2H+E
3                     16O+r n0->2B->4Be->8He->16H->E2+L+gwr
So a steam plasma converts all the water molecule into heat, light and frequency X rays.  Four times as exothermically as the existing nuclear uranium fuel rods.
                It produces no toxic waste.  It utilises no enriched anything!  Hot smokers in the sea do It.  Supporting massive ecosystems away from all solar radiation.  As the steam bubbles through liquid water!  The passing steam bubbles do molecular nuclear fusion.
4              H2O+T->He+O+E2+gwr
And geographers have written long academic papers on hot smokers.  They are nature doing nuclear fusion on earth.  Easily accessible for study!
                But obviously the mentally deficient professors of physics who have spent the last quarter of a century writing biologically impossible papers on carbon dioxide in the climate, should not be allowed to study this science.
                We want only real scientists!  Scientist who ever published work on man made global warming and climate change should immediately be expelled from education.  They are not even fit to take the no round at primary school.

Jonathan Thomason

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