Friday, 25 July 2014

The Hippocratic oath & cancer

25 July 2014
                Every registered Dr. Promises to apply best medicine irrespective of financial considerations.  He also promised to share important medical developments.
                And promise never to teach and use defective medicine.  And pain of being struck off!
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used high intensity ultrasound to cure prostate cancer: there is nothing special about prostate cancer!  It shares its overinflated an undifferentiated nature with other cancers out there.  All 200 of them.
                Ultrasound causes the rapid boiling of inflated liquid water.  The first HIUS I used was 150 W 40 kHz: as 180 W causes ultrasonic burns to body cells.
                It causes all cancers to experience cell content boiling.  And explosively fragment.  Which induces an immune action to clear cancer cell type throughout the body: the seminal idea of Dr. MatZinger.
                Ultrasound causes the body to recognise the cancer cell type as dangerous.  Body cells are not affected!  Unlike radio therapy which had estimates all cells of the body.  High as destroys cancers, heart disease and diabetes.  Also arthritis, asthma, iBS, and there cells causing mental health problems.
                Which is interesting!  I now use 1 MHZ 5 W as HIUS: it is cheaper to apply.  And the equally as affective!  So all mental health doctors on the planet know that I have used HIUS to clear Parkinson’s, alzheiners, MS and schizophrenia.
                Each Dr. on entering Medical Service has promised to know about and apply best medicine!  Which he is so obviously not biochemistry.
                ½ minute of ultrasound to each side of the head clears mental health problems totally.  So could make to human life.  But don’t!  So each such doctors is immediately struck off.
                All registered doctors who rioter biochemical treatment prescriptions for cancer, heart disease and diabetes are similarly struck off.
                HIUS externally to any cancerous organ will clear the cancer in ½ minutes.  Each cancer death and a biochemical treatments are warrants a 25 years in jail for each member of the medical team.  And a legal fine of $10,000,000.
                I have lost two non blood relatives to diabetes.  Both unfortunately died before 2008 when the work on HIUS and diabetes was first published on the Internet.
                The doctors continue to prescribe biochemical treatments.  Guaranteeing their patients an expensive unpleasant death!  With possible organ failure.  These are not nice people!  It as they are the healers-and has together killed 300,000,000 people around the globe in last 12 years.
                For their own financial gain!  Doctors published the use of high us to clear primary and secondary coronary heart disease using high us in 2012.
                At the Hippocratic oath swearing medics ignored the work!  And carried right on without killing!  This is first degree murder!  Each prescribing Dr. Has amassed a millennia in jail.  And a legal fine of one billion dollars.
                To be shared with the drug company: who $4000,000,000,000,000.  80 times the total wealth of the planet.  And the killing Carries on!
                Your friends.  Your family.  You!  By your own HIUS device.  Cure yourself.  Don’t see the murders!
                I got a visit from the British Council.  Very high lawyers!  The legal supremacy to the GMC.  I did corporate law on my degree.  They were very interested!  The law is not quick.  But it is relentless.  And he is coming to doctors near you!
                Incidentally being taught defective Bio chemistry warrants a return of 60% of the universe fees medics paid years.  But it also means such doctors will be deleted from the medical register.
                Warranting 100% fees return.
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Jonathan Thomason

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