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Total cure of diabetes

19 July 2014
                2010 I raid about the hundred individual double blind trial at the Moffitt cancer centre; utilising High Intensity UltraSound to provide a one appointment cure the cancer.
                I was slightly staggered that no medic uses HIUS!  Though every medic I have talked to no was about the efficacy of ultrasound.  And there are constrained by the Hippocratic oath ‘application of best medicine without financial favour’.
                A one appointment total cure is so obviously better than expensive Bio chemical treatments-which results in the patient’s excruciating death usually within two years.
                All cancers show up with low power ultrasound!  This means ultrasound initiates molecular nuclear fusion in the pressurise cancer cell.
1              H2O+US->E2+He+O+ X ray
                So medics do routinely what physicists can’t do!  They do the nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions: albeit bound up in molecules!  This works for ammonia and hydrocarbons.  Nature it usually uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.
                A working steam engine gives out gamma wave radiation and produces helium and ozone gases, as they do molecular nuclear fusion.  Usually been utilised to generate electricity.
                The boiling of water also does 1.  Which is why a pang goes crazy as it comes to the boiler.  It is at the transition from liquid to vary power, that water does massive amounts of molecular nuclear fusion.
                Well done medicine!  Not very well done: for not noticing the they are doing nuclear fusion.
                So at 5 W, all cancers emit X rays.  That expose photographic film kept in the dark.  Only very few chemical reactions in the X rays, as they produce helium and free radical oxygen: they are inducing molecular nuclear fusion.
                There is certainly no normal source of X rays in the embody.  And no chemical reaction specific to cancers that would generate X rays!  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion cuisine lower power ultrasound.  Feel free to ask questions on this!
                As you turn up the ultrasound power, the cancer cell put is massive amounts of helium and oxygen gases.  And we get cell content boiling!  The cancer cell explosively fragments.
                The Moffitt cancer centre noted that bystander body cells are damaged by this explosive fragmentation.  Which produces an immune action to clear the cancer cell type throughout the body: the ideas of Dr. MatZinger!  HIUS applied externally makes the cancer dangerous.
                2012 I learned that diabetes is characterised by hardened white undifferentiated cells in the pancreas.  Just like cancer has hardened, an differentiated white cells!
                They are show the pathogen base!  Which makes the infected cell hard, so it will divide naturally.  Body cells are usually bodied off the intact stem cells.
                Only post pathogen conditions (like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, iBS…) have hardened white cells.
                March 2013 as a my church health group.  With an ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet: such devices are medically licensed for unsupervised human use.  They make the body tissue more relaxed.
                But the hardened white cells fragment explosively!  And my friend Steve was a type two diabetic.  I persuaded him to allow me to try out HIUS ‘it’ll do you no harm-but it may help with your diabetes’ I told him.  ‘the enough for me!’ he replied.
                I gave him a 10 second application to the lower right of his ribcage.  Then I didn’t see him for a week. ‘give a more ultrasound!’ he instructed me. ‘I got a three day remission from my diabetes.  After Xi years insulin independents’ he told me.
                This was not good.  The diabetes returned.  So I gave him a 30 second HIUS exposure.  I gave him two more sessions, at two months interval.  I am pretty sure there was never a need.
                Since then I have learned there is value in giving HIUS to the liver and arm pits.  The incurable disease turned out not to be incurable!
                I gave the HIUS to 21 people.  Only two still attend church.  Hence the Manchester diocese has ordered I should not do it.  Even though the vicar has seen a 12 year type two insulin dependent diabetic be fully discharged by Salford royal hospital.
                She knows it works!  I do not charge.  The worst that could happen is nothing!  He 30 individuals with cancer, heart disease and diabetes this is never happen.  Jesus got killed for healing for free.
                The church has no told me to stop healing people!  With a 100% success rate.  Preferring instead that the people die in excruciating biochemical fashion.  Why do they not want people healed?
                Is why the church exists!  All around the world.  So my little ultrasound massage device will totally clear diabetes in only ½ minute.
                The biochemical industry is seeing cancer and heart disease rates crash!  As people are using HIUS.  So desperately maintaining diabetes is incurable and on the rise.
                Though they have no idea what causes it!  One HIUS session clears the inflated white cells from the pancreas.  And the blood sugar level snaps back to normal.
                No diabetes medication ever required again.  HIUS applied for 30 seconds to each side or the head clears Parkinson’s, Altzimer’s, MS, bipolar, depression…  All conditions to which there is no satisfactory biochemical treatment.
                We are talking about a minute of the use of an ultrasound massage device clearing mental health problems.  The drug companies are now have a big push for biochemical use in mental health.
                Both diabetes and mental health problems are cleared by application of HIUS.  And every Dr. On earth has promised to use it!  Failure to do so results in the immediate striking off of the medic.
                With a huge legal fine shared by the medic and the drug company.  10 years in jail.  A $10,000,000 fine for each avoidable death.  30,000,000 such deaths a year!
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Jonathan Thomason

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