Monday, 21 July 2014

Unethical NHS

21 July 2014
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre in America published a total clearance of cancer using high intensity ultrasound.  All cancers have to be overinflated in order to grow, so fragment under HIUS!  Only damaging immediate bystander body cells.
                This causes a local dendrites to make an action the specific human antibody to clear secondary cancers throughout the body.  Pills of these antibodies would cure other people of that cancer.
                The most useful are those six antibodies to the pathogen base-shared by all infections and cancers.  We are not remotely interested in the cancer genome!  The immune system needs to know it.  It was a to produce the antibody.  We never need to know!
                I have used the 150 W 40 kHz to clear inoperable liver cancer in only 60 sections of external application over the level.  This clears the cancer and its attendant pain.  For weight to the guy look surprised!
                I have written a book about all this
 by Jonathan Thomason and Dr Polly MatZinger (7 Sep 2012)

                I now use 5 W 1 MHZ.  Which appears to be more affective, and is cheaper to buy and operate.  Apply it to the bottom right of the chest I have cleared the diabetes in 20 patients.
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                The drug companies have beenn frantic about this!  Pressurise the the Manchester churches to stop me curing people for free: in case the church get sued!
                I don’t promise surgery will work.  It is just too much free is it is 100% effective.  And I do not charge!  Which are makes the drug company virtually suicidal.
                Applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneys medics published in 2012 30 sections of high us clearing coronary heart disease.  Which is why heart disease rates are crashing!
                Diabetes he is so far from incurable!  Every health centre has a HIUS device:  3 MHz >1.5 W, that physiotherapists use to clear limb damage.  It will also clear cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
                Prescribing biochemical treatments guaranteeing their patients an excruciating and rapid death is defective medicine-prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                Or have no this is have taken the Hippocratic earth!  Every registered nurse is banned by medical ethics-prohibiting wasting money on spurious research.
                The Royal College of Nursing would get any nurse is was in such furious research instantly dismissed.
                So the MHS have just lost 98.5% of its economic activity: the diseases of age and now cleared.  He could not waste taxpayer money the spurious research!  It is not a medical outfit.  It employs doctors to look after the medicine.
                The GMC must be issued guidance to abandon defective biochemical treatments.  And he is medically demonstrated high intensity ultrasound.  The Moffitt published hundred patient double blind trial!
                Which they have since deleted!  So they can work on high intensity focused ultrasound: basically HIUS administered through a 10 CM guide tube!  Deleting the HIUS document contravenes the Hippocratic oath.
                Wanting immediate dismissal of the medics involved!  They realized in sudden horror there was no patent protection for physical processes like ultrasound!  No money to be made.
                The MHS is just lost 98.5% of its economic activity!  And is budget should be reduced to 600,000,000 pounds.  1/6th of the money they are proposing to invest is spurious research!  Taxpayer money.
                Cancer research has already used three billion dollars of your money to sequence and published cancer genomes.  It only spurious activity as it happens.
                People can no publish an ultrasound massage device over the Internet.  And use it to cure all infections!  Removing the need to see a Dr..  This will stop the demand of cancers, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, IBS, arthritis, Parkinson’s, MS, Alzimer’s, schizophrenia and depression…
                To clear mental health problems apply the ultrasound for 30 seconds to each side or the head: a real Zen experience!  According to my cleaner.  I was clearing his arthritis.  And, as he was there…

Jonathan Thomason

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