Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Unlimited free electricity

29 July 2014
                Water from the seas and Rivers of the earth percolates down until it hits the earth’s mantle!   It then forms the mantel from am also in core material!  This air is very dynamic-like the skin on rice pudding.
                It constantly sinks and remelts!  Being replaced by new core material.  The lava cools to form rock.  By the core material also contains all the heavy metals as more also metals.  40%  Gold!  This is dissolved by high temperature and pressure water.
                The geothermal water at the mantel is at over 50° C 8.4 atmospheres.  So the river of geothermal water circulates the globe with a limit concentration of gold and platinum.
                Where this water finds its way to the surface, Iforms of source of every river on earth!  All salts has been removed as the water percolates down through sand.
                This is why river was formed from fresh water, not salt water!  Is also predicts panning for gold dust at river sources will work!  Most of the metals precipitate out as the water pressure drops.
                But solid gold dust emerges at the surface.  This tells us something useful!  Drilling down to the geothermal water will give us an inexhaustible source of gold laden superheated water!
                The heavy metals have prevented this water is being used to generate power.  But then James Dyson invented his vacuum cleaner.
                If we send air through two opposing helixes even house dust will collect.  So we get the superheated water.  We give it a small vent!  To 8.2 atmospheres.  And it boils!
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner, and scrub out of the gold and platinum dust: we will get all the heavy metal powders.  Which we sell on to metals companies to turn into ingots.
                We will produce 1000 times more gold every day then we can possibly use!  There will end up berrying the stuff in disused mine workings!  As is only two years we will double the amount a gold available to mankind.
                The price of gold is directly linked to the supply!  And here we will produce so much, if we will be the soft, malleable and reactive pollutant.  Platinum has uses!  Gold only has uses while it has value.
                In two years it will have neither.  By the clean steam can be used to generate carbon free electricity.  Totally nontoxically.  Nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic process that will ever operate on the surface of the earth.
                It produces radioactive waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years!  Even when done by the most technically proficient nations on earth it produces intermittent continental toxic death.
                The Russians could not do it safely!  Chernobil was the fields safety inspection.  When I was in Brazil 2010 the Japanese experienced Fukushima.  Even though he could not do nuclear fission safely
                No in Germany and Japan have renounced uranium fission!  The two most technically able races on earth.  Their corporate law prevents them the bying for contract work around the world.  Somebody tell you Hitachi.  They cannot be used for nuclear construction programmes.
                It would destroying the Japanese exports industry.  But here we have nature providing an endless source of superheated water.  The earth there is massive.  This water you see drives earthquakes and volcanoes.
                When mankind is getting all this power from this source, nature will not even notice!  It is basically a limitless source.  They are also provides gold and platinum powder.
                Every two years we will increase the amount a gold available to man than the total amount a gold mined in last 2000 years!  It is seriously going to have no value.
                Will have to get creative in its use.  Nobody will ever more extract them burn fossil fuels.  Fracking is the industry that will be still born.  It is a expensive and messy technology.
                Bying into the geothermal water requires the use of ground sonar to locate a magma chamber filled a superheated water 10 metres below the earth’s surface.  The simplest way is to track a river source back underground.
                But the geothermal rivers run a slightly anticlockwise of Rivers on the earth’s surface.  And all that water carriers a limit saturation of gold.
                The air was core contains 411 million tonnes of this soft metal!  All mankind’s mining has only ever yielded 156,000 tonnes of gold.  Below 0.5% of the available for.  Which is the fifth most abundant element on earth.
                We only think it is scarce, as it is concentrated in the earth’s core.  But the geothermal water brings it up for us!  For free.  We want remove it from the superheated water, so he can use the steam to generate electricity.
                If you have got any gold, so all it tomorrow.  As the price of gold will continue to fall-until we have to pay to get it removed!

Jonathan Thomason       JonThm9@aol.com

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