Friday, 18 July 2014

Water will diesel

18 July 2014
Diesel fuel is not a single compound, but rather a mixture of hydrocarbons. The "average" is C12H23. Diesel goes from C10H20 to C15H28.
Petrol is C5-C12 = CmHn
                        Fossil fuel combustion does two processes
1          CmHn+pO2->mCO2+n/2H2O-E      p=m/4
2          CmHn+(t+m)O2->mCO2+t(He+O3+E2+gwr) gwr= high frequency X rays
            Equation two is a far more molecular nuclear fusion.  Diesel oil does not burn at atmospheric pressure!  Increasing the pressure favours 2 over 1.
            Without the nuclear fusion the engine does the cycle takes in energy!  It is endothermic.  So it does not happen!  I was told by a fellow Ph D sooner Sheffield University in 2001 that water would diesel.
            In contrast even a one metre high waterfall does molecular nuclear fusion

3          H2O+T+O2->He2++O32-+E2+gwr
            I would have taken this up with him the next time I saw him, but my Ph D suddenly got ended for no reason!  My supervisor knew that I was doing work on molecular nuclear fusion.  He even gave me a book on Albert Einstein!
            Petrol will diesel!  But at a higher pressure.  It is a high energy fuel, so all working petrol diesel engine would outperform a diesel engine.
            We came back to my idea of titanium plating the working surfaces of the diesel engine.  Also altering the injection nozzle spin, to increase the turbulence in the engine.
            Any year engine maintenance workshop can work on this idea.  We need a thick titanium plate on the engine: maybe after an engine rebore.
            We then learn of the diesel oil we have water and a squirt of detergent!  My feeling is we will get 20% water running a standard diesel engine with no titanium plate.  We in the electro plate we are looking at 80% water.
            Which runs out of a tap for almost free.  I would use filters or river or pond water.  Which has no chlorine or biological organisms in.  The squirt of detergent costs five UK pence.
            Diesel oil costs 2.80 a litre!  The water is almost free.  As we increase the percentage of water, engine will begin running a bit rough!  That is too much water.  Back of by 5%.  This represents a huge saving five transformed company.
            In the workshop we can discover the injection pressure necessary to run 100% water.  We will still need them a radiation or on earth today.  Suddenly we have a vehicle that runs off water.
            Deals require a larger battery to start!  This should be so efficient for a water diesel.  I and just sorry I did not get to work on this at Sheffield!  2001 they have a diesel engine running off water!

Jonathan Thomason

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