Saturday, 26 July 2014

Your own power and gold

26 July 2014
                Water from the seas and Rivers of the Earth percolates down until it hits the Earth’s core.  There it forms the earth’s mantle.  Which is like the skin on a rice pudding!  Though it is a layer of called lava and heavy metals.
                The water ends up being heated to just below the boiling point: 250° C 8.4 atmospheres.  It dissolves the heavy metals!  The gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron…  The solidified lava now sinks and remelts!
                The hot water finds its way to the surface, the heavy metals precipitating on the journey.  Leaving all deposits.  It forms the warm spring that is a source of every river on earth!  It even flows back into the seas.
                Which is why you can pan for gold or river sources.  A why their is a small amount of gold metal in the seas!  Just not economically important.
                Every Farmer to is so the river running through his land.  So we use ground sonar!  We want to locate a liquid filled magma chamber.  10 metres down, two metres anticlockwise from the river.
                We drill down to this magma pocket.  And gives off a stream of this superheated water.  We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  To remove the metal dust.
                Here we are talking about gold and platinum!  Even today and gold has value! 

Gold 9ct = £8.95‎

                As more and more people are producing their own gold this value will drop.  Two about zero!
                But we use the clean steam at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres to generate 5.4 kW of electricity.  Even the most energy wasteful farm will only want 2 kW.  The lawn mowers being amended, so the energy company has to have it your surplus electricity.
                This idea was first developed in Australia.  Where we have loads of remote farms with access to these heated water source!  Access to unlimited power, gold and platinum!
                Burning fossil fuels is stupid!  Use nature power.  Free unlimited superheated water, with gold in.  We could use a Carnot heat pump to condense the steam and return the heat to the inlet steam.
                But why bother?  The more geothermal water we utilises, the more gold we get!

Jonathan Thomason

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