Sunday, 7 September 2014

A working fusion energy today!

7 September 2014
                Is already being used every day around the earth!  Take a diesel engine, and titanium plate the cylinder body and head.  Modify the fuel injection system so had injects pure water!  Salt water might work but distilled water and certainly does.
                As I was told in the department of Engineering Materials at Sheffield University 2001.  Though the department now has ceased to exist, and his have been handed over to journalism!
                As without the money from nuclear power to research ‘global warming’ the old metallurgy department was (sic): and yes I was!
                A fellow PH D student had told me that water would diesel.  My brain exploded!  And my Ph D was ended for no reason before I could research the work further.  I could find no published work on the subject.
                Interestingly enough, they have published work on ultrasound at diesel engines.  Which are links into my work on ultrasound and nuclear fusion.  
                Annoyingly the guy he didn’t tell me what pressure them a running at!  Or if they utilised a cone head in the diesel.  This would increase the maximum pressure we pass on water vapour.
                Such devices are already utilised to increase the power from the engine.  Internal combustion engines are already do molecular nuclear fusion-which kills by applied pressure.
                So if we get at diesel engine and will cause molecular nuclear fusion on water vapour-job done!  Ever power with no fossil fuel burn
1              H2O+O2+T->He+O3+E2+Xray
                Working internal combustion engines are already produce these products.  In addition to steam and carbon dioxide.  There is no chemical source of helium or X rays.
                Crucial catalyst is fluid turbulence of the injected water.  Which should instantly vapourise!  Then we get the chaotic interaction of steam/water vapour molecules.  We may choose to free heat the inlet water via a coil around the exhaust.  As we are going to get a very hot exhaust.
                Without any combustion.  No source of ignition!  Significant release of X rays.  And 10 times more power than burning diesel.  From regular water.  It turns out the diesel is energy poor.
                Water does a lot more molecular nuclear fusion.  Generating massive heat with no carbon dioxide.  Every engineering department in the world pressure physics how it works!
                The Great Hadron Collider is the biggest waste of research budgets ever.
Jonathan Thomason

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