Thursday, 4 September 2014

Adjustable free power

4 September 2014
Ultrasound probe       
                Fossil fuels are burnt to produce steam!  And this steam used to generate power.  Either directly, or were the generation of electricity.  This is a very inefficient process.
                90% of the heat is wasted to the environment.  Only 10% is converted into usable power.  But an ultrasound source causes the rapid boiling of liquid water.  Into steam.  By initiating molecular nuclear fusion directly:
1                     H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
2                     E2+H2Ol->H2Og
Very little of the liquid water is converted into helium and oxygen gases, with massive heat!  The other water molecules absorb the X ray radiation.
                This heat causes the rapid boiling of other liquid water molecules.  Oxidising carbon fuels it takes in energy!  Burning fossil fuels only releases energy, as it does very little molecular nuclear fusion.  Producing helium, free radical oxygen, heat and X ray radiation.
                In my practical experience dropping an ultrasound metallurgical pro into a flask of water as is the instantaneous production of steam bubbles!  A one metre flask of water will be involved boiling within minutes.
                Each molecular nuclear fusion action releases 6 W of heat.  And is 2.992-23 cm³ in size.  This is a frighteningly small volume.
            100 MW will take 3x10-13x108=3x10-15 cm2.  In compress and head is 0.5 cm2.  So we are talking about A totally insignificant volume of water.  0.00000000000003 cm2.  In comparison you need 200,000cm3 of oil being burnt to produce the same power.
            To double the amount of power produced by burning oil, we only need to titanium plate exposed surfaces of the water boiler.  As the Face Centred Cubic metal capitalises the molecular nuclear fusion produced from burning fossil fuels.
            Such a plate would cause 5000 UK pounds, and lasts for life of the plant.  Halving the carbon dioxide production of power generation.
            A 2 kilowatts ultrasound emitter would boil off water in a water boiler.  Once boiling, we can reduce the power for to the ultrasound device.  This would generate 120 kW of superheated steam.  Molecular nuclear fusion gives us a 10° C super heat.
            We can generate 100 kW of electricity.  Which will power our neighbourhood.  With no carbon dioxide production.  And no hyper toxic uranium fission.
            We will he free use a totally minuscule volume of helium and oxygen gases.  The helium reacts with nothing and results from the earth’s feeble gravity within 24 hours.
            The free radical oxygen will produce ozone – O3.  Which will supplement the life protecting ozone layer.  Without ozone there would be no multi cellular life on earth.
            So we need no oil or gas.  Definitely no enriched uranium!  Any person using this Energy System will earn in a year over 700,000 UK pounds: turbulence and so are also are on my blog.
            We sell our excess power to the national grid!  Who then retail it.  I repeat: absolutely no carbon dioxide production.  This gas supports all life on earth.  Resultingly the trace of this gas in the global air has not increased since before industry.
            Every day photosynthesis metabolises the extra 0.004% carbon dioxide man releases, by burning fossilised life!  That was active biology in the Jurassic, or even the cretaceous!
            No academic could ever do work on man made global warming and climate change: it is a signal of a derelict intelligence, compromised by the money from nuclear power!

Jonathan Thomason

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