Thursday, 25 September 2014

Carbon is life

25 September 2014
                Of the vast majority of life on earth is based around the carbon cycle!  Plants take in carbon dioxide and water.  Building carbohydrates and excreting the surplus oxygen.  Oxygen gas is a most toxic pollutant in earth history.
                In the early atmosphere of the earth there is loads of carbon dioxide!  Then plants got busy morning plant biomass and excreting oxygen.  The mass extinction of the carboniferous age of the early earth, happened as carbon dioxide levels fell to only one part per million.
                Half today’s present levels in the afternoon air around the earth.  90% of life on earth died.  100% of life on earth today is a result of plants metabolising carbon dioxide:
1              mCO2+(n+p)H2O->Cm(H2O)n+p(He+O+E2+Xray)                                  Cm(H2O)n = carbohydrates
2              Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O+p(He+O3+E2+Xray)
                All of which means both plants and animals do nuclear fusion.  Producing both helium and X rays-of which there is no chemical source.  Physicists study how a distant stars do atomic nuclear fusion.
                Academic biologists have written many scientific papers on have biological organisms do nuclear fusion on earth today.
                You do it with every beat of your hard!  You can take your pulse with a Geiger counter.  No series of task is required.
                Which means that biologists have a lot more practical experience in nuclear fusion of physics towns!  And yet physics has ring fenced nuclear fusion!  Demanding that only physics can research this science.
                And yet biology has lot more practical experience in nuclear fusion.  Even grass does nuclear fusion as it grows in light.
                For life on earth is the result of plants taking carbon dioxide, building carbohydrates and excreting oxygen.  Animals involved tourist fight using oxygen all day, and so turning oxygen into carbon dioxide-plant food.
                Even their animals eat plants, life on earth had increased as animals evolved at the start of the Permian age.  When there was 1000 year ice age, the free carbon dioxide levels in the air were five times the two parts per million we see in the global air today.
                Plants fix carbon dioxide levels at only 2ppm.  As man burns the fossil fuels, plants resuscitate the life that died in prehistory.
                Harvard University put on record August 2010 that crop yields had increased by 15% since industrial revolution.  But free carbon dioxide was at preindustrial levels.  This is high school biology!  Plant life grows until the extra carbon dioxide released during the dark and in the light hours, is converted into plant biomass.
                Animals and plants are in a dynamic balance: as plant life increases, so must animal life.  Burning carbon fuels increases active life on earth.
                The global gas balance in the air is fixed by photosynthesis.  A static trace gas affects nothing.  And carbon dioxide is such a gas.
                Who ever thought up manmade global warming was totally ignorant of high school biology.  Take a bow the paid stooges to nuclear power.
                The natural climate started cooling 1995.  People who still believe in manmade climate change obviously have forgotten to take their mental health medication.
                Man made climate change is PR by nuclear power.  It is a phantom science!  Designed to terrify the stupid.  Publicised by the paid.  The climate has nothing to do with man!
                Mankind has to live with the natural climate.  This is why politicians have gone cold about climate change!  They have realized it is nothing to do with man.
                The only technology of man’s which can affect the local climate, is hyper toxic uranium fission.  Chernobyl caused a local nuclear winter.  Hence there fabrication of man made global warming.
                They are never believed any body could be so stupid to believe it in 1986.  This is 2014.  Global warming is still biological rubbish!  If you ever believed it-seek medical help!

Jonathan Thomason

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