Friday, 5 September 2014

Clearing MS

5 September 2014
                MS is caused by a viral fragment-just like all 200 cancers out there.  Here the viral fragment is making inappropriate interleukin two-thanks to Harvard University for this insight.  Which freezes over stimulated and unfocused macrophages.
                If we give an MS sufferer interleukin four their own immune systems will make the active antibody.  Interleukin two will then action it.  There will be a constant need for this trophy in the population.
                But there is a better answer!  As medically demonstrated in 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.  High Intensity UltraSound causes all inflated viral fragments (and the all have to be overinflated in order to grow) to fragment!  Clearing the condition.
                I have used 150 W 40 kHz to clear MS twice.  I now use the more affective 5 W 1 MHz.  The effectiveness is given by the frequency power product.  So 150 W gives us efficiency of 0.06.  The 1 MHz gives us the efficiency of five.
                So to device has no affect on body and brain cells.  Apply it to the head it totally clears Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, MS and schizophrenia.  The side effects are that the individual has a real Zen moment.  And their hair is devoted to grow!  And darken.
                It only takes ½ minutes of HIUS to each side of the head to totally clear the MS.  But historical brain damage takes longer to clear.
                HIUS every other day for six months!  The MS will obviously stop progressing.  And the frequent use of the ultrasound massage device will correct the previous damage.

Jonathan Thomason

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