Saturday, 13 September 2014

Clearing weak viruses

13 September 2014
                Here I include HIV, SARs, Ebola and conditions like cancer and diabetes.  Coronary heart disease is caused by a bacterial plaque on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys.  It response to High Intensity UltraSound exactly like cancer etc!
                Today I utilises 5 W 1 MHz.  150 Watts 40 kHz also works.  Not as effective.  And 30 times dearer to apply.
                We utilise an ultrasonic massage device bought from googol, Ebay or Amazon.

                ½ minutes of HIUS ultrasound clears all 200 cancers out there.  Applied to the bottom right of the rib cage over the pancreas it clears the inflated viral structure suppressing insulin secretion.  Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears the raise blood pressure causing coronary heart disease.
                Applied to the chest, the inflated viral structures at the top of this article, are very exposed!  In the longer forest system.  The HIUS causes them to experience cell content boiling in ½ minute.
                Clearing the virus from the body!  My American contact with HIV, got the HIUS details-and I never heard from him again!  Presumably he was cures.  Otherwise helium back in touch.
                HIUS to lungs clears Ebola: even though the most does not transmit through the air!  Biochemistry leads to inevitable death are massively expensive cure.
                HIUS will clear Ebola for 0.01 cents-once you have purchased the device!  Which is 20 UK pounds+.  So the medics in Africa could cure all Ebola patients.  With a five day delay to maintain the device.
                Every health centre in the world has a 3 MHz >1.5 W ultrasound device, which is HIUS!  Used by physiotherapists to clear limb damage.  I am busy treating a dog bite on my leg.
                So it clears the major causes an early death in a figure, with no biochemical treatment!  They are now defective medicine prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
                Suddenly Ebola is of the news feeds of the world.  This may be because biochemistry now has a total cure.  It uses antibody replication in tobacco plants.  This is a standard the idea for trial drugs.
                Is has now been demonstrated by three antibodies act against Ebola.  I would have given a drip of interleukin 2&4, which is much more direct route to producing an action the human antibody.
                The usual biochemical techniques is to use reverse transcriptase to write the antisense to the affected antibody.  Then to spices on to the genome of harmless bacteria.
                So the bacteria have no churns out the human antibody.  We extract the fluid, separate out the human antibody, and produce it in pill form: by the metric tonne/day.
                But HIUS is far more immediate and cheap.  It does not require a biochemical trials.  As he is a physical cure!
                We can safely use it, and prove it is affective!  They cure all 2000 people within four life in Africa.  Bio chemistry will supervise the deaths of 1500 people!  As I say, prohibited medicine!

Jonathan Thomason

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