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Doubling petrol and diesel

7 September 2014
                Burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion:
1                     Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O-E
2                     Cm(H2O)n+rO2->mCO2+s(He+O3+E2+Xray
Nature has a far more direct way!  Using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam
3              H2O+T->He+O+E2+Xray
                Nature is full of it!  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Only physics cannot do it!  It could!  Insert a spin field every 10 metres along 100 metre stretch of the great hadron collider.
                So we reverse the spin other hydrogen ions!
4              +H++S->-H+           S= standard nomenclature for magnetic field.  +/-H+ are the clockwise and anti clockwise fission of hydrogen ions.
                We need the turbulence to excede 1 Watts!  This is equivalent to a 1 metre drop of liquid water.  This is a low number.  Then we sat off nuclear fusion within the hydrogen ions.
                We spit out sub atomic particles, and gamma wave radiation.  Which perpetuates the nuclear fusion all around the ‘fusion torous’.  Which does not do nuclear fusion otherwise.
                No matter how hot and pressurised the hydrogen ions are: if there was any vague chance that the great hadron collider could actually have done nuclear fusion, professors of physics would have stopped it being built.
                So what about all the suggestions that it might doing nuclear fusion?  Down to turbulence in the previous plants.
                A simple steam plasma in a glass tube should release a constant 6 MW/m at four atmospheres.  Site it in a water tank, and me to return.  Totally within the capabilities of a garage scientist.
                But we have invested in previous generations of automobiles.  Which is really like to give uses of!  Very simple!  Titanium plate the working surfaces of a petrol or diesel engine.
                The size of the electroplate is very minimal!  Five polishing of the sender body will accommodate the extra metal.
                We then need to halve the fuel we burn.  By modifying the carburettor or more recently the fuel injection system.
                Already the spark for a diesel engine comes from the molecular nuclear fusion induced by the turbulence of the fuel injection.
5              Cm(H2O)+(t+r)O2->mCO2+u(He+O3+Xray+E3)      in addition to the simple oxidation of carbon fuel-which takes in heat.  As 1.
                I am staggered that physics has not realized internal combustion engines do nuclear fusion on earth.  Engineers have already noted the production of helium and X ray radiation.  Of which there is no chemical source!
                The oxidation of the carbon fuel takes in heat.  There process produces massive heat only be coals of the molecular nuclear fusion we are doing.  This is novel like critical science!  The
                The simple answer is: titanium plate your engine to double your MPG.  And halve your visits to a service station.
                Their is a better answer!  But I was told by a Ph D student and Sheffield University: whom realise answer going to work on nuclear fusion.
                He told me ‘of course, you realise water will diesel!’.  My mind exploded.  And I replied ‘but there is no combustion’.  He said ‘that’s right’.  And left the coffee bar.  I stopped doing my chemical equations on the nuclear fusion of diesel oil.  And went off to shop!  They stay my Ph D was suddenly ended-with no explanation.
                So March 26, 2001.  I fault I overheard a guy from nuclear power say to my supervisor ‘we really can’t allow research into nuclear fusion’.  I wasn’t concerned.  I hadn’t realized that the money nuclear power invested in education made them the bosses of engineering research.
                So I went off singing, writing lyrics, forgery and books.  Are making community videos: well I have got range!  It turns out I was given the answer to the petrol and diesel problem 1982.
                In that year we were taught in thermodynamics, that face centred metals like titanium, hydrogen reactions.  Most metals are Body Centred Cubic in microscopic structure.  Platinum and titanium are Face Centred Cubic.
                They it forms weak hydrogen bombs.  So the whole water molecule down, while other molecules brush past it.  We have loads of hydrogen on hydrogen interaction.  At above 1 W!
                This gives us nuclear fusion.  Turning two hydrogen ions into one helium ion.
6              2H++T->He2++E1                E1=5.8 Watts
                He each hydrogen ion takes up 2.7 fm3 – 10-17m3.  So each engine struck would give us 7000 nuclear fusion.  Hence the production of helium gas from the engine.
                But we do not need to use hyper expensive hydrocarbons to do molecular nuclear fusion.  If we have water molecules, we also get the turbulent interaction of helium ions.
7              H2O+t->He2++O2-+E1
                But here we get 20 times as many nuclear fusion actions.  As steam/water vapour molecules are 20 times smaller than petrol or diesel. (Cm(H2O)n petrol: m=16 diesel: m= the12)
                So we do not need any combustion!  The oxidation of carbon fuels takes in heat!  We emit helium and ozone.  Like we get from internal combustion engine already today.
                What the gamma did not tell me, is the pressure required.  I would suggest we use cone heads in the centre of atoms.  These devices are already increase the power production of the engine, by increasing the pressure amount of molecular nuclear fusion me do.
                Molecular nuclear fusion rises exponentially with gas pressure.  Suddenly we do not need to five fossil fuels.  With fellow of the reservoir using a water hose.
                I would suggest some do around the world gets a working petrol or diesel engine said up in his garage laboratory.  And experiments with adding water and detergent to his fuel.
                I would envisage we can get 40% water, with only a squirt of industrial quality detergent.  Costing two UK pounds.
                Reducing our fuel consumption by five UK pounds every fill up.  We do not need to do any engine modifications: though I would suggest the titanium electro plate is a massively cheap way he to improve engine performance.
                Will we need to adjust the fuel injection or carburettor system?  Probably.  Using a screwdriver and trial and error.
                Once we get the system figured out, we can look at the cone head device in the cylinder bottom, and run the system 100% regular water.
                My thanks to Di Jones at Inco, for the technical insights.  He unfortunately died in 1986.  Six months after retiring.
                During his working life he is routinely exposure to ultrasound prevented the formation of cancers.  Ultrasound at 150 W 40 kHz will clear all cancers.  Along with biological and viral infections.
                I now use a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device-purchased from the beauty people: that comes with a medical licence for unsupervised human years.  It is 30 times cheaper to run.
                It clears all 200 types of cancer out there, and both types of coronary heart disease and diabetes.  Is also corrects for nerve damage!  Including back to the head and spine.
                It is also correcting my eye muscle damage I experienced in the car traffic accident.

Jonathan Thomason

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