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7 September 2014
                When you burn fossil fuels, you do a little molecular nuclear fusion!
1              Cm(H2O)n+pO2   ->mCO2+nH2O-E                               1.1
                                                ->mCO2+n(He+O3+Xray+E2)        1.2
                                                ->C+r(He+O+Xray+2E2)                 1.3
                A better idea than restricting oxygen intake, and produces sootey exhaust is to titanium electroplate the working surfaces of the ocean.
                This doubles the amount of 1.2 we do.  So halving the energy fuel we burn to get the same power outage.  But oxidising carbon fuels takes in heat.
                Nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to do molecular nuclear fusion directly:
2              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                Heavy rain does it!  The positive charge collects above the clouds layer.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  And we have a potential of 5000 volts A partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the clouds and the ground.
                This is a lightening down strike.  When it touches the ground we get an up strike!  Which releases 2.5x1030 Watts of power.
                This system is great for a constant Power System.  So we can use one 1 metre steam plasma tube to replace or eight rows of diesel oil.  We use a very little regular water!
                The choose initiate the the pulse of electricity at 2000 volts.  We no longer need to burn or oil or gas to generate electricity.
                But this system is too exothermic to drive a vehicle!  It steam plasma tube will generate a constant 6 MW/m.  We really want a lower power system.  I learned how in 1983.
                A 2kW 40 kHz ultrasound probe dropped into liquid water will is so the start producing steam bubbles.
3              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray E2 boils off water
                Within 60 seconds a one metre flask of water that was have room temperature, will commence boiling.
                This system is great!  As it is not an on off system.  The ultrasound power doubt the various amount of molecular nuclear fusion we are doing the ultrasound produces power outputs in the range to drive the car.
                To drive a car fast up hill we require more power.  To sootey idling at traffic lights, we require less.
                We drive a captive steam cycle, that at the generates electricity.  Which drives for Electric Motors-mounted on each wheel!  We only have a small peak storage battery.  Mostly for starting.
                We have produced no carbon dioxide.  We burn no petrol or diesel.  We produce no radioactive waste!  We produce a whiff of helium and oxygen.  Which we can safely vent to the air!
                Is is 18O, the saying gas that is produced in the countryside: as photosynthesis Israeli biological molecular nuclear fusion.
4              mCO2+(n+r)H2O+rO2->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O3+E2+Xray) Cm(H2O)n= carbohydrates
                Biology is the money put on record the production of helium and emission of X rays from photosynthesis.  Physics has no idea about this science!  Biology should get on with studying it.
                So we get a car which has an ultrasound emitter mounted in a water tank.  When running, it will prehistory.  That generates electricity.
                We also drive a small Carnot system.  This pressure rises and vents a gas, so he can effectively pump heat.  Pressurise gas gets hot!  Low pressure gas is cold.
                So we passed the use steam over the cold end of the Carnot heat pump.  We then pressurise the Carnot gas using a small turbine, this allows us to lose the heat at higher temperature to the boiler room water.
                Even molecular is not running, we want to keep this system operating at low power.  To maintain the boiler room temperature, and drive the Carnot heat pump!  Which will take two per cent of the system heat.
                This removes the need for a massive radiator.  If recycles 85% of the system heat.  Will only stop the ultrasound boiler system, and the annual service!  And he started using mains electricity.
                The country started using a peak storage battery.  But we have access to mains power!  Better keep that for an emergency.
                So you produce a vehicle that runs off regular water.  That never needs to start up and petrol or diesel-as he had never burns any fuel.
                I first came across this technology 32 years ago!  When I was busy with other stuff.  I was reminded of it to my PH D at Sheffield University 2000.  Buying another Ph.D. student!
                All this science is in the province of a garage hobbyist.  We do not need to burn petrol or diesel.  Neither to drive a car or generate electricity.

Jonathan Thomason

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