Monday, 15 September 2014

Infinate free clean pure water

15 September 2014
                By definition atmospheric pressure water boils with a one metre of vacuum head!  So if we pump sea water up a metre.  It boils!  Losing all salts and contaminants.  River water also loses heavy metals and contaminants.
                We get pure fresh water!  We have a pipe line of polyurethane tubes.  We use solar powered vacuum pumps!  So during the day the water is raised a metre.  And the water vapour pump to a high storage reservoir.
                As we vent the water vapour, it condenses as water droplets!  Which fill the high reservoir.  Non other day enjoy expense of higher pressure deceleration!  All the energy intensive nature of water boiling.
                Reducing the pressure on water takes a trivial amount of energy!  Supplies by a small solar panel.  It sucks pure water so sea water!  This is actually the way nature works!
                It uses the partially evaporation of sea water.  To lose all salts, even ice four was a small amount of water vapour.  By reducing the pressure on water, we boil of 100% of the water!
                We use of an open bottomed cylinder is in the sea.  So we get a down rush of cold brine!  And a continuous sucking in a fresh warm sea water.  That is where all for fresh water comes from.  The evaporation of sea or lake water.
                Higher pressure deceleration takes eight atmospheres of pressure!  And he is very dangerous.  Low pressure deceleration takes one atmosphere pressure.  And is safe!
                If we get a leak, we have a hissing at being in the cylinder: no we loses arms or legs.  And it only needs a lower amount of pumping!  Provided by a small solar panel.
                OK the system doesn’t work during the night!  We are now use a small amount of mains power, or that the reservoir are doing is natural thing!  Rising during the day.  Falling during the night.
                There will never be a drought again on earth!  There nuclear people are busy predicting a terrible year drought in America.  So that photosynthesis on land would not converts the additional burned fossil fuels back into active biology.
                They have forgotten about the seas!  Where life grows, until there is only two parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  The static trace level of carbon dioxide since before industry.
                A static trace gas affects nothing!  The natural climate has been cooling since 1995-never explained.
                They treat climate change as if it means global warming.  The natural climate is cooling!  Carbon dioxide levels are already static.
                We can simply bend all droughts all over the world.  Nuclear power is the livid!  Is has have repeated this all science or there carbon dioxide warming the weather.
                Avalanche of the a static trace gas affects nothing.  All fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.
                In the Permian photosynthesis had not yet evolved!  The had 10 parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air.  And 1000 year ice age!  The most serious close emission in earth history.
                In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved and today.  There was four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more life on earth!  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                Except during the three natural ice ages.  Free carbon dioxide was then at eight parts per million.  Carbon dioxide is a climate follower!  Its level is are affected by the weather.
                In the little ice age carbon dioxide levels doubled to four parts per million again.  So carbon follows an ice!  For years after the glaciation stops.
                As Harvard University put on record August 2010 in New Scientist magazine the matzinger epoch passing carbon dioxide limited at two parts per million.  Except during the little ice age, when they spiked at twice this level.
                This circulating organic carbon based life on earth.  In the Jurassic there were far fewer fossil fuels. (the deep coal dates from the cretaceous).  But I said there was 65% more active biology!
                So satellite global warming: except the exact opposite!  Carbon dioxide rises in natural glaciations.  During a while.  Biology expands to leave only 2ppm carbon dioxide in the global air.
                In cities carbon dioxide levels spiked to in the rush hour!  We do not suddenly get a wash of heat.  The snow continues as ever!  Says he is have the same environment as the countryside.
                Global warming predicts a one bubbles of air over cities.  But people are believed in manmade global warming by the pay of nuclear power-or barking mad.
                Do not forget windscale, 3 mile island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.  This conclusively demonstrate that uranium fission is toxic death, causing intermittent continental death.  The least green industry ever!

Jonathan Thomason

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