Saturday, 20 September 2014

Instant weight loss

20 September 2014
                Medics have noted the weight gain is often associated with series disease!  They have failed to note that all these diseases are cleared by half minute application of High Intensity UltraSound.  Today I use 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from an ultrasonic massage device bought over the Internet.
                150 W 40 kHz also works.  And physiotherapists prefer 8 W 3 MHz.  Again such devices are medically licensed for unsupervised human use are available over the Internet.
                They clear the inflated cells that cause cancer!  Are you apply the HIUS externally to the affected organ, also the armpits and liver.  Each area for 30 seconds.
                Coronary heart disease is caused by an inflated bacterial plaque on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys.  This structure also has to be overinflated in order to cause him disease!
                Application of HIUS has been medically demonstrated to clear coronary heart disease.  In a single application.  No biochemical treatments for either here he is required.
                Biochemical treatments are defective answers dimer cancers and heart disease.  Prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  Mean no register Dr. can any more prescribe them.  To do so invokes immediate disqualification from medical registers around the world.
                This includes comprise medicines to the third world!  Wanting immediate striking off other medical team involved.
                So medics have refocused on diabetes!  There has been a mass killers since the 1950s.  They have noted that diabetics gain weight and lose muscle mass.
                So surgeons have hit on the idea that weight loss surgery will clear diabetes.  No.  It just means in five years the individual will want more weight loss surgery!  Still with diabetes.
                I have personally demonstrated a 100% of diabetes, type 1&2, by ½ minute application externally to the lower right of the rib cage.  The diabetes may only remit over three days.  I think this was for type one diabetes.
                So all diabetes can be cleared for under 20 UK pounds!  The surgical weight loss operation will cost at least 10,000 UK pounds.  And has no effect on the underlying diabetes!
                HIUS also clears all asthma: again nice should prohibit biochemical use for asthma.  As the Hippocratic oath demands that every registered Dr. Uses for 30 seconds of the ultrasound from the presses physiotherapists ultrasound unit.
                HIUS can also be employed to clear arthritis.  Surgery is the wrong answer here.  Is has A much inferior therapeutic outcome.  And does not clear the underlying inflated bacterial structure causing the problem.
                Briskly there is no area and other than an immediate trauma, in which medical surgery is an effective answer: not cancer, not heart disease, not diabetes, not arthritis.
                The weight gain associated with age is a result of a bacterial plaque left over from infective disease laying down a protective fatty shield.  Application of the massage devise above to the lower torso clears the bacterial structure and the associated weight gain.
                So weight gain surgery is a massively defective medicine.  HIUS clears the weight gain for 20 UK pounds.  Surgery will kill some individuals!  And does not clear the underlying cause of the weight gain.
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