Sunday, 14 September 2014

Making fresh water

14 September 2014
                For millennia mankind is boiled of sea or river water to produce pure water vapour!  That their income by condensed into a hot pure water.  Then in the 1980s be developed higher pressure deceleration.  Was sea water through a semi permeable membrane!
                Nearly as energy intensive, and far more dangerous!  This is stupid!  The answer was taught to as all in high school physics.
                We reduce the pressure on liquid water!  Only under a meter of vacuum head will cause by water to boil!  Losing all salts and contaminants.  This is not a lot of energy!
                We employ a solar driven vacuum pump.  Which obviously works best in hot countries.  We transfer of the pure water vapour to a small holding reservoir are water tank.
                It is totally decelerated water!  Ideal for agriculture or as a replacement by mains water.  It is staggeringly cheap!
                I estimated in the first year, it will produce water for only 6% of the cast of mains water in England.  After that it falls to below 1%!
                Where ever in the world will have access to river or sea water, this is an endless supply of water.  And vacuum desalination will convert it into the purest water possible.

Jonathan Thomason

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