Thursday, 18 September 2014

Most important medical development

18 September 2014
                As Dr. MatZinger told me many years ago, cancer shows six enzymes with have viral infections!  One of these will be in for single cell type division.  The other five I had term the pathogen base!  Done by all infections and cancers.
                No body cell is pressurised!  So what the Americans term High Intensity UltraSound selectively destroys cancers, viral and bacterial infections.  The development of HIUS is as more important than the accidental discovery I’ll be as the pathogen action of fungal antibiotics.
                They induce a human immune response even to viruses!  They have no direct action them cells.  They initiate secretion of the human antibody.  Where the anti viral or antibiotic.
                External application of HIUS to the chest, throat and nose clears all infective disease.  Stopping cancer, heart disease and diabetes from forming.
                There will be no sudden spike in diabetes!  As all types of diabetes response the HIUS for ½ minute to lower right of the rib cage.  A one appointment cure.  No biochemistry required.
                The cure the common cold is less so important!  Bio chemistry can’t!  HIUS attacks the inflated cell structure common to all viruses.
                The cheapest HIUS device is a 5 W 1 MHz personal ultrasonic massage device.  Which can be purchased from Ebay for under around 20 UK pounds.
                Every person alive will require a HIUS session three times a year!  And they will prefer that it was for formed a GP surgery or a hospital.  That is an income stream!  Which are is two UK pounds per session.
                Each HIUS session will cause 0.01¢.  Though the devices are not very robust.  They will need replacing annually.  We do not image disease!  We cure it.  Pathogens evolve!
                Being over inflated is a prerequisite for cell division using the single cell helicase.  This story interesting to see how pathogens evolve.
PS Chest, troat and nose - not neck!
Jonathan Thomason

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