Saturday, 13 September 2014

No climate change by CO2

13 September 2014
                The trace of carbon dioxide in the global air is totally controlled by global photosynthesis!  Mankind’s additional 0.0004% carbon dioxide every day, has extended the global growing day by turn seconds.
                And according to Harvard University I have is 2010 has increased crop yields by 15% since industrial revolution.  Every scientist on the planet realises a static trace gas affects nothing!
                O level biology teaches that the trace of carbon dioxide in the global air is determined exclusively by the efficiency of photosynthesis.  Burning the fossil fuels increases modern life on earth.  No effect on the weather!
                Every scientist realises in 1986.  Yet continued writing papers on man made global warming even today!  Nine years after the natural global climate started cooling.
                And these papers went through peer review!  There were total science fiction to suit the purposes of nuclear power: the most toxic industry that will ever exist!
                Its toxic waste or remain lethal for 100,000 years.  And will cast 200 times more to store, and electricity that nuclear power generated.
                Nuclear power has never factored in the cost of decommissioning the plants.  Sellafield is at 20 billion and rising!  It looks like a nuclear facility would have 60 times more to decommission it did to build: I write this up in a university essay at Sheffield University 1983-three years before Chernobyl!
                Magazines can reclaim all monies paid out for papers on man made global warming or climate change.  And the fee is paid out for the erroneous peer review-which is never actually carried out!
                The individuals involved should not be in education!  They must return all salaries paid to them since the erroneous papers were published.
                No university should ever have or climate change research lab!  Certainly is has nothing to do the carbon dioxide.  It is we call nature!  Which requires no study.

Jonathan Thomason

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