Sunday, 21 September 2014

Oil and gas replaced

21 September 2014
                This came out of my chemical engineering Ph.D. at Sheffield University England.  I had told my supervisor about molecular nuclear fusion and he ended my PH D in blind panic.  He no longer works for any university!
                A 1 metre x 1 cm steam plasma tube will take 2000 volts to set up the plasma.  It will self sustain at four atmospheres.  Producing the heat output of six rows of gas or oil burners.
                All the water molecules will end up as heat and light.
1                     H++e- ->n0
2                     1H++r n0 ->E2=Xray+L
3                     16O+s n0 -> 211Be ->49Be ->83He ->163H->16(E2+Xray)+un0
Basically hydrogen nuclei combine with free electrons to form neutrons.  These neutrons, hydrogen and oxygen ions to form radioactive isotopes.  These cause the matter to fission into heat and light.
Burning fossil fuels does a low amount of 2, as it forms carbon dioxide.  So taxi does molecular nuclear fusion: albeit by burning are expensive fuel.
A hydrogen plasma is 18 times as exothermic.  And produces no carbon dioxide or hyper toxic fission waste.
        Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion: including you-as you heart beats.  It is a free Energy System of nature.
        Burning fossil fuels or doing hyper toxic uranium fission is very expensive and energy deficient.  Molecular nuclear fusion is a free Energy System of the future.  Energy with no carbon dioxide!
Jonathan Thomason

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