Monday, 15 September 2014

Carbon ice age!

15 September 2014
                Plants and animals evolved.  The physical properties of gases have remained static for last 20 billion years we know about!
                The end of the cretaceous began 1000 year ice age!  The most serious glaciation in earth history.  That we know about.  The carbon dioxide levels at 10 parts per million.  In the modern epoch photosynthesis limits free average carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.
                The little ice age of the 18th century displayed a spike to 4 parts per million.  This level was last seen in the Jurassic.  When there was 65% more biology!  Resultingly sea levels were 60 metres lower.  This is known to every science professor on earth!
                Carbon dioxide levels only rise in natural glaciations.  Who ever made up and publicised man made global warming was mentally challenged!  Or had forgotten to take their mental health medication.
                Then the natural weather started cooling in 1995.  Nuclear power when frantic!  It reasoned that global warming had nearly got it new plants.  No.  It little matter of more royal commission in the UK, or judicial review around the world would have laughed at the biologically preposterous manmade global warming.
                Carbon dioxide levels have been static since the little ice age ended.  No nuclear power is busy predicting 25 years of drought.  Droughts don’t affect the sea!  Which covers 60% of the surface of the earth.
                For all the biological organisms doing photosynthesis!  Though bacteria use fluid turbulence rather than than direct sun light.  As fluid turbulence of water does molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                That is right: the deep sea currents do nuclear fusion from water!  Converting the hydrogen ions into helium and heat.  Clean, safe, massive energy!  Nuclear power is not.
                So photosynthesis metabolises extra carbon dioxide within 5 minutes.  To produce and action plants (and then animal) biomass.  The only historically verified science is of carbon dioxide rises in a natural ice age.
                The limit to life on earth is circulating organic carbon.  Burning the fossil fuels increases modern life on earth.  Sucking the carbon dioxide out of the air!
                So as not one syllable of man made global warming that was either science or true.  People writing copy on global warming should so obviously not be writing for the media!  They need to go and see a Dr. as a matter of urgency.
                There will be no droughts!  Solar powered vacuum pumps will first evaporates sea water, with an meter of vacuum head.  And then pump it to high storage!  We can purifying both sea and river water.
                I must give credit ear to the late professor Argent for his seminal work on heavy metal toxicity.  The vacuum desalination removes all contaminants from water.
                How you remove the mantra of ‘global warming’ from have paid stooges to nuclear power I do not know!  After all I am only your average genius.

Jonathan Thomason

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