Friday, 12 September 2014

Power should be free

12 September 2014
                Every 3 minutes around the earth heavy rain sets up lightning!  The rain acts as a giant battery: it does molecular nuclear fusion:
1              H2O+O2+T->He2++O32-+E2+Xray
                Well we get a potential difference of 2000 volts, a partial steam plasma links up electron holes between the cloud tops-when they helium nuclei carry the positive charge.  And the ground which collects the negative charge.
                This does one massively!  It generates 5 tonnes of helium gas: with an energy release of 2.5x1030 Watts.  I am very annoyed that this wasn’t mentioned to me during my master’s degree.  It was all published!
                So a steam plasma is a most exothermic structure on earth!  It is 50,000 times as exothermic as heavy rain.  It fixes all the organic nitrogen which fertilise is life on earth: rain care is down-and low concentration nitric and nitrous acids.
                This fertilise is plant life on earth!  Which limits free carbon dioxide to only two parts per million: all scientists are aware of this basic biological fact must get the hell out of education!  Higher carbon dioxide levels are science fiction on behalf of nuclear power.
                Is simple biological impossibility!  All fossil fuels were active biology in prehistory.  Burning no increases active biology on earth today.  Since industrial revolution crop yields have increased by 15%-data source Harvard University.  Atmospheric carbon dioxide is fixed at 2ppm.
                The extra carbon has reverted to life!  Which nuclear power is very adept at killing.  It is the very definition of an ungreen technology.  Toxic death on a radioactive stick!  Climate change is simple biological fiction for the stupid to scare!  It means nothing!  Then carbon dioxide levels in the air are fixed by organisms doing photosynthesis.  Down to only CO2 levels of two parts per million.
                Every biological organism on earth produces helium or nuclear radiation!  As it does molecular nuclear fusion.  The clean Energy System of biology!
                This simplest way for man to access this Energy System is via a steam plasma in a glass tube.  We get an additional series of reactions
2              1/2H+=e- ->2/3n0
3              O2-+s n0->Be,B,He->1+sH++3e-
4              1H+r n0->1+rH+->E2+Xray+L
                The free hydrogen ions bond with free electrons to form the composite particle of a neutron.  Electrons would annihilate with positrons.  Neutrons are an electron bonded to a proton.  And a hydrogen ion is a naked proton!
                The oxygen ions bond of the neutrons, and undergo repeated nuclear fission ending up as hydrogen.  He each fission converting a neutron into energy.  Making the process exothermic.
                The hydrogen ions bond with neutrons to the coming enriched, and above tritium fission almost instantly into energy, and X rays and light.
                No solid radioactive waste!  Even the X rays are low energy!  Equivalent to those released by burning fossil fuels.
5              CH4+T+O2->CO2+Xray+E2+L+2He
                There is no chemical source of light, X rays or helium!  So a flame of gas is obviously doing molecular nuclear fusion.
                This is why gas lights give off light!  The oxidation of compounds of hydrogen takes in energy.  They certainly do not emit light!  That is chemical nonsense.
                So a steam plasma does molecular nuclear fusion for free.  A 50x1cm glass tube produces 1.2 MW of energy!  We are not interested in the light production.  We can use such a tube to run a steam cycle.
                A house needs 80 kW.  So we are exporting a constant 1 MW to the national grid!  At two UK pence per kWatt hour.  This would generate an income of over 2.8 million UK pounds annually.
                From regular water!  So was yet 50,000 such plants estabilised, the national grid will not require any power from major power stations.
                The price of electricity will halve!  Undercutting nuclear power.  eeWshich can only make a profit at £2.00 per megawatt.  Fossil fuel burning is at 4.  20 times this cost is required to handle the radioactive toxic waste which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                Suddenly nuclear power is the most uneconomic power generation system on the planet.  A hidden cost, passed on to our grandchildren27.  Who will lament the folly of the 20th & 21st centuries!  Nuclear power never include the decommissioning costs of its plants!  In the regional quote document.
                Sellafield is at 20 billion, and rising!  The hidden cost of nuclear power minutes hyper toxic industry totally financially unprofitable!  The greatest loss making industry ever.
                And now a steam plasma tube allows every family on earth to use a steam plasma tube to undercut or power generation systems on the planet.  Nuclear power, and fossil fuel burning!
                Imagine one in 100 households running a steam plasma tube.  They will generate 6,000,000,000 W in the UK.  That only needs to generate 2.4 billion W.
                So the price of energy is just about to crash!  To 0.001 W per kilowatt hour.  200 times less than the break even point for nuclear power.
                And all this science is published!  And available over the Internet.  Nuclear power is as hyper toxic and bankrupt industry ever.  Excepting the biochemical industry!  Which collectively owes 4000 trillion dollars for all the avoidable deaths produced.
                Says the Moffitt cancer centre first cured cancer using high intensity ultrasound in 2002.  No register Dr. Is allowed to prescribe defective medicine!  But most have continued to kill their patients using Bio chemistry for 12 years.

Jonathan Thomason

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