Friday, 19 September 2014

Surgery is the wrong answer for diabetes

19 September 2014
                Medics have noted that a strict diet can clear type 2 diabetes.  So surgeons say ‘that is give all people over body mass index 30 weight loss surgery’.  As if this is in some way equivalent!
                Without psychological help and a lifestyle change, the individuals will put on weight again, and then require surgery again!  Never having addressed their diabetes.
                I have practically shown that 30 seconds of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound, for a commercially available ultrasound massage device, applied to the lower right of the rib cage will clear all types of diabetes.
                Not treat!  Total cure.  The individuals loose fat and a muscle.  So may actually have a weight gain!  They cease to be pale and white!  Have a more colour and vitality about them.
                Each weight loss surgery will cost in excess of 10,000 pounds power individual: and he is no answer!  Using an ultrasound massage device totally clears all diabetes.
                Surgery is once again defective medicine!  NICE have an the ethics standards committee.  If he’s has either standards or ethics it will veto the idea.
                So does have a a major problem!  All cancer surgery is now defective medicine.  All cancers can be cleared by ½ minute of High Intensity UltraSound.  My 5 W massage device is a cheapest HIUS device out there.
                And all registered doctors know about HIUS!  They are prohibited from prescribing defective Bio chemistry.  No surgeon can any more allowed Mr. Cancer surgery ethically.
                So they are desperate for other work!  Weight loss surgery is not a valid medical answer to diabetes.  HIUS is!
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Jonathan Thomason

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