Monday, 15 September 2014

The climate is nature

15 September 2014
                Nuclear Power was so pleased with itself for inventing an increasing level of carbon dioxide in the air, it massacre was one almighty shock wave realise global photosynthesis converts additi         onal carbon dioxide into extra life on earth within 5 minutes.
                Sucking the carbon dioxide out of the air.  It is now forecasting droughts in America for the next 25 years.  The best scientist on earth cannot get weather forecast right for the next week!
                Nuclear Power imagined that droughts on land would increase average in atmospheric carbon dioxide.  It really is biologically stupid!  Photosynthesis powers life in the seas.  If there is less life on land, we get more life in the seas.
                The only increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide I historical record is during natural ice ages: this is exactly wrong for global warming!  Carbon dioxide levels do rise –four years into a natural glaciation.
                During a warm periods carbon dioxide levels are reduced to the global average during the growing day.  During the modern epoch that is 2 parts per million.  The static level since before mankind’s industry.
                So magazines are entitled to the return of all money they get academics to write papers about man made global warming or climate change: all are total nuclear nonsense!
                Global warming was meant to be science led!  The all the scientists abandoned the area in 2003.  Since when only scientifically naïve and stupid people have continued write copy of the carbon dioxide and the climate.
                During a period when carbon dioxide levels are static!  They were last twice as high, in the little ice age.  There at that level during the Jurassic.
                When there was 65% more life on land, the seals were 60 metres lower.  During the cretaceous and Permian ice age, which lasted 1000 years, carbon dioxide level were sat 10 parts per million.
                We can now use vacuum desalination to free is the most amounts of pure water, was sea or river water.  Using only a solar powered vacuum pump.  No MS and his research is manmade climate change-or certainly nobody familiar with high school biology!
                Manmade global warming has made professors of physics look terminally stupid.  So they have all now retired.  Uranium fission is the most toxic process that will ever be allowed on the face of the planet.
                If we wish to continue living on earth nuclear power must be halted!

Jonathan Thomason

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