Sunday, 7 September 2014

Warming the cold lands

7 September 2014
                This idea will work for the call lands during the winter.  We invert the system to call the heartlands all year.  We use 18th century science!  The Carnot heat pump.
                We pressurise the gas even without adding heat, it gets heart!  As a temperature of a gas is proportional to the collisions on the curtain wall a second!  If we reduce the salaries of the container, the same volume of gas will produce more collisions a second.
                When you pump up a bicycle tire this system heats up the valve to near boiling point!  From air at room temperature.  This system is used to pump heat around.
                You take in lower grade heat into a low pressure gas, then you pressurise the gas and lose the heat as a smaller volume of heat!
                This allows us to heat of four bedroomed house from frozen done found in winter!  For only 10 per cent of the cost of burning gas.  Where ever we have access to the sea, we haven’t even at source of low grade heat, or an infinite sink to unwanted heat.
                At the Artics we have a stainless steel helix filled with low pressure gas, drawing in heat at -20° C.  It emerges at 3° C!  Because this is a maximum density of water.  It expands as increases!
                This is why ice floats.  So when it melts, it contracts!  Somebody tell the idiots who promote global warming.  Melting ice lower so the seas!  Am so resulting sea water is over 5° C.
                The arctic air ranges from and just below freezing, to -20° C.  So the water will always take up less volume as water than he did as ice!  This is basic O level physics!  Apparently rational professors of physics have written an academic papers about rising sea levels!  Which is not physically possible.
                These people should not be in education!
                Here we gather in low grade heat, and then double the pressure of the gas.  Which now rises to 273° C or higher.  We heat the surrounding air!  50,000 gallons a minute.
                We have cooled the see water.  Which now floats above the water at 3° C.  And he is pushed back towards the equator.  Then it takes up solar heat, there is further pushed back towards the poles by the extra cold water.
                So we have warmed the Artics!  Which will once again be covered in temperate forests.  Like the last were in the Jurassic.  When sea levels were 60 metres lower, and 65% more life on earth.  There there was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                Just like global warming: only the total opposite!  So the mineral record and nature totally contradicts the fiction fabricated by nuclear power to distract the world from the Chernobyl incident.
                They wanted a reason to justify the continued operation of the most toxic industry that will ever exist.  Carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth.  And supports all life on earth.
                Oxygen is the waste gas excreted by plants.  Animals metabolise it, the man in the oxygen with plant carbohydrates they have eaten, to release more carbon dioxide: basic plant food!
                Lightning strikes are powered by heavy rain!  Which turns water into helium and oxygen gases.  We a massive heat and electrical charge.
                A lightning strike discharges a charge!  And produces 5 tonnes of helium.  As it fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant life.
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                So nature does nuclear fusion from water molecules, by the turbulent interaction of rain drops.  And the flow of electrons backup a partial steam plasma.  So nature does massive nuclear fusion on earth.
                But so do you.  As you heart beats, your heart and arteries release of X rays.  And your lungs excrete the helium and ozone produced by molecular nuclear fusion in your blood.  As your body does 2.  As does every biological organism alive today.
                Safe clean and free.  And for some of as energy as hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  This is why there is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air that your breathing.
                This is lost to space and replaced every day!  So nature gets 1040 Watts of energy a year from nuclear fusion on earth.  It only gets 1060 from direct sun light.  Molecular nuclear fusion is focus to within biological organisms.
                Most of sunlight goes totally to waste!
Jonathan Thomason

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