Saturday, 18 October 2014

Cheap water2

18 October 2014
                Cities and towns used to be built on river boundaries for easy communications.  No we can set up a vacuum pump, so suck pure water out of the brown river source.
                We pump this water to a high reservoir.  In Britain the legislation has been produced for competition in the water industry’s.  So we sell water to domestic consumers.
                Who have now tended to get water volume pumps.  So we know exactly how much water to supply.  We maintain the water pressure already in the pipes.
                We produce water for 1% of the cast of mains water today.  In other countries we can employ solar driven pumps, to produce water for very nearly free during the day.
                Every town or city for its use their own water company again.  Even using mains electricity, we are going to undercut mains water by a factor of 100.  We are going to make so much money!
                The water gets used and returns to the sewage system.  Where it is processed and returned to the river!  To be utilised by cities and towns lower down the river.
                Mains water is stratospheric leave overpriced today!  Only one metre of vacuum head will suck pure water vapour out of the brown river water source.
                We vent the pressure as a high reservoir, which then fills with pure water.

Jonathan Thomason

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