Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Climate sorted

7 October 2014
In the time the dinosaurs there was 65% more life on earth!
Obviously no mankind!  Twice as much carbon dioxide though.
Sea levels were 60 metres lower: but metre high was not birth.
Free carbon dioxide limits the active life on land and tidal flow.

Then a comet hit in Mexico, and most life on earth died.
Forming most of the fossil fuels!  All had been active life too.
1986 Ukrainian nuclear experienced the Chernobyl cried.
The biggest injection of global death since World War II.

They he thought up manmade climate change to distract the world.
We were all taught in high school biology plants limits carbon dioxide.
They are still do.  At only a static 2 parts per million whirled.
Then the natural climate started cooling in 1995-life oxide.

So now the base stooges to nuclear power push ‘climate change’.
Only the stupid and mentally deficient medicine any more.
All the scientists are trying to study something less derange.
Climate change isn’t.  The weather is the natural roar.

Jonathan Thomason JonThm9@aol.com

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