Thursday, 2 October 2014

Easy nuclear fusion

2 October 2014
                I have been on about this for around four years!  High Intensity UltraSound causes the rapid boiling of water in pressurised cells!  Clearing cancer from the body.  Also coronary heart disease and diabetes.
                But this is a fantastic it energy structure!
1              H2Op+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                The energy required to boil off liquid water, falls exponentially with water pressure.  So at four atmospheres, 2 kilowatts of electricity to drive the 2 MW steam turbine!
                So once started, we loop back 0.1% of the generated power, and the rest of power is basically free!  So of course we sell it.  And make huge amounts of income.
                A 2 kilowatts 40 kHz ultrasound source is useful for metallurgical examination.  Which happens to be my job in 1983.  So we produce an enabler Power System that burns no fossil fuels.  It makes no life enhancing carbon dioxide.
                It generates no radioactive waste!  The 3He is lost to space after reacting with nothing,  The the 18O has ½ life of 5000 years.  And produced by photosynthesis, as it also produces helium and X ray radiation.
                Photosynthesis is biological molecular nuclear fusion.  Ultrasound provides a convenient physical root for mankind to access molecular nuclear fusion.  No new science required!  It is already published in the physics pantheon.
                So the great hadron collider was away her extorting 100,000,000,000 out of politicians: who knew no physics.

Jonathan Thomason

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