Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ebola and cancer are so easy!

8 October 2014
                Like all viruses in or to grow in the human body it cells must have an inflated cell nature!  Not seen in regular body cells.
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated with prostate cancer, as such inflated cells fragment under High Intensity UltraSound: all cancers also share the same viral type of replication.
                The easiest source of HIUS is an ultrasonic massage device: which are medically licensed to be benign to body cells!
                Inflated cell structures experience cell content boiling.  And fragment explosively!  Clearing the virus or cancer from the body.
                Medics are in shock!  For the last 12 years they have ignored this medically published work.  As they make no money out of ultrasound!
                Bio chemistry cannot deal with viruses!  High as clears them all.  ½ minute of ultrasound from 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device will totally cure Ebola.  It’ll take them in three days to eradicate Ebola from the world.
                No biochemistry required!  Costing only $100!  What the hell are medics on!  Ebola is just not a problem.
                In the western world 1 in 200 women as a suitable ultrasonic massage device-clear wrinkles and help with weight loss.  It will also cure all cancers.  Applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears coronary heart disease.
                Again no biochemistry required!  In my practical experience HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all types of diabetes.

Jonathan Thomason

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