Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Free electricity

22 October 2014
                Every second of the year the earth’s core boils off water at the earth’s mantle!  This forms the mantel.  The gold, platinum and other heavy metals are dissolved in the superheated water-8.4 atmospheres and just liquid at 250° C.
                We use ground water to track a river source back underground.  We want an underground of the mantel pocket, folder with is liquid water among 10 metres deep.  So all the heavy metals are still in solution.
                We drill down-we want a 5 cm bore hole: we have had to use up a 2cm hole donated by Salford university geography department.  They have finished with it!
                We get up a continuous stream of heavy metal laden water.  We vent it to dirty steam over 8.2 atmospheres.  At the trial plant we pass it through a double helical flow investor-basically a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.
                Produced by the of action is at the university.  This scrubs out all the heavy metals.  And you’re left the clean steam.  That we use to generate electricity.  We vent the steam to above a small reservoir, and pump the water to a local river source.
                We are in Salford, so local wildlife don’t mind the injection of small volumes of boiling water.  Just like from local industry.
                We are getting 15 kg of gold an hour.  And only 8.2 of platinum.  The local landowner pointed out in a signed consent for the mining rights.  So we took our equipment back, and sealed off the bore hole.
                He can work out the science himself!  Half an hour with his wife’s dry cleaner, that he can set up as a coal miner.  An 8 MW power plant and the cost 14,000 pounds!  Not very efficient.
                But the mains will buy electricity at two P per kilowatt hour.  The us to the calculation!
8x107x2x10-2x2.4x101x3.6x102=2.5x108=250 million pounds a year approximately.  Hmm.  Now I see why the land owner water is the hole back.
                Gold is about 24,000 UK pounds per kilogram.  Our trial plants was on schedule to free is 5 kg in the year.  A decently sized plant would produce 3 times this amount.  First ¾ billion pounds of electricity.
                For simplicity of calculation say 100,000 pounds of gold.  And 40,000 of platinum.  So electricity is a major product.  We have no fuel bound and no hyper toxic uranium fission.  We produce no radioactive waste.  And plants that will cast 100 billion to decommission.
                So one billion pounds annually for a decent sized plant.  It is just a shame Ilike teaching engineering to students at university.  Basically the geothermal heat wasted by every day by the earth is 1000 times greater than man can is total electricity demand.
                And the earth generates that heat for free.  Once we have removed that pesky gold.  Mankind has only ever mined 156,000 tonnes of gold.  When mankind generates all his electricity using a bore down to the earth’s interior, we will produce that much gold in only two years.
                He really is that common.  It is scarce on the surface of the earth.  But there is 411 million tonnes of gold alone in the earth’s interior.  Geothermal mining produces an endless stream are basically valueless gold.
                A soft, malleable and a very common metal!  The only engineering use, is to stop corrosion on electrical contacts.  Titanium is as good-but it is a far more useful metal.
                5% of the heavy metals from the deep were titanium metal dust.

Jonathan Thomason

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