Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Free infinite gold and power

15 October 2014
                Circulating on the earth’s mantle is a river of superheated water.  250° C 8.4 atmospheres.  Absolutely ideal for generating electricity.  Except it contains heavy metal powder.  James Dyson gave us the answer in 1993.
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner, which collects all the heavy metal powder!  The clean steam emerges at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.  The steam is staggeringly simple to get hold of.
                We use ground sonar to track a river source back 10 metres underground.  Until we find a suitable fluid filled magma chamber.  We then drill down and enter the chamber from below.
                We get an endless stream of superheated water-the gold and platinum in!  We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson, and get access to unlimited quantities of the supposedly precious metals.
                Gold is the fifth most abundant element on earth.  There is 411,000,000 tonnes of it in the earth’s core.  That is continuously being leached out by the geothermal river around the earth.
                The cold lava sinks, to be replaced by new gold rich core material.  Over last two millennia mankind has extracted only 156,000 tonnes of gold.  Most of it recently, as the deep coal mines have using air conditioning to cool the core down.
                So they are mining the core material directly.  This idea will work in any abandoned deep mines.  Get your air conditioning going, handed down.  Anywhere in the world!  When you hit the core you will get more gold than you can years!
                We can set up geothermal power plants.  That use the clean steam as a carbon free source of steam at 240° C 8.2 atmospheres.  Ideal for power generation!
                Man will get all his electricity this way within the next decade.  The electricity is free.  The steam new sea drives volcanoes and earthquakes.  Man is energy uses work out for only 0.5% of the natural steam then goes to waste every day.
                So no fossil fuel burning!  No life enhancing carbon dioxide either.  And certainly no hyper toxic uranium fission: the technology of hades.
                Was the plant and bore hole are paid for, the electricity is free!  Along with the import that amounts of gold will get.  This is like gold metal is crashing!  And oil use is declining.  As groups around the world started doing geothermal mining to produce power.

Jonathan Thomason

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