Saturday, 25 October 2014

Free power

25 October 2014
                The problem with molecular nuclear fusion is a generates a much power and heat!  In a lightning bolt, a 1.5 kilometre x 2cm partial steam plasma generates 2,5x1030 Watts of heat.  In three seconds nature releases more energy than mankind has ever generated!  Including by nuclear bombs.
                Nuclear power is basically it partially controlled nuclear explosion!  Which is why it causes intermittent continental toxic death every quarter of a century.
                In Japan the minister for the economy Yuko Obuchi was charged with restarting the Japanese nuclear programme.  It transpired she used government funds as her O personal banking account.
                Nuclear power has demonstrated 50 years of financial manipulation of politicians.  She was the ultimate financially manipulatable for tuition.  Who resigned for massive corruption!
                Japan has ruled that nuclear power is illegal in Japan always trading partners.  China has stepped into the breach to try and restart the UK are nuclear programme.
                It was first address the problem are safely storing the radioactive waste.  For 100,000 years.  And never fancied caustic in the bid documents!  Nuclear power also does not include the decommissioning charge of its power stations.
                Which are massively more than if they construction, all the cast of electricity generated.
                Then we get to the insurance conundrum.  The National Power Station Regulator has a legal duty to ensure the planned key to their planning consent.
                Planning constraints would dictate that all nuclear power plants were shut down 15 years ago!  Leaving only Sizewell B: which carries in sufficient insurance.  Resulting in an immediate stop order being issued tomorrow.
                After Fukushima issue clear plant needs to carry $100,000,000,000 of insurance.  Non carry over 50,000,000.  0.05% of the legally demanded amount!
                You may gather I used to work in the power industry.  Even in the 1980s, before Chernobyl the decommissioning costs mitigated against any new nuclear plants.  Man applied to ignore this to build Sizewell B!
                She was a graduate chemist.  Totally unfamiliar with nuclear power or the law.
                Lightning equates to 6 MW/m.  This is just too much power!  Set up by heavy rain fall doing a little molecular nuclear fusion.  Every physics department in the world needs a three metre drop centre, to study the nuclear fusion of falling water droplets.
                No 100 billion annual cost for the Great Hadron Collider: the world’s most expensive than scientifically useless white elephant.  That is still being funded!
                A steam plasma at four atmospheres self sustains the free air for three seconds.  The time of a lightning strike.  Just too much energy!
                It looks like a 5 cmx1m steam plasma will release a constant 700 kW.  This is still a massive amount of power!  Might not melt all the engineering plant.  Physically if we immerse eight in a water boiler.
                A steam train here must five tubes for combustion products in a water bath.  These do molecular nuclear fusion.  Reaching 3000° C.  But not melting, because the presence of liquid water on the outside.
                This science needs to be evaluated.  The plasma should be initiated by 2000 volts 0.01 amps.  The power required to maintain the plasma should fall away exponentially just below four atmospheres.
                Why am I interested in this power range?  Because it allows us to drive a steam cycle.  And drive free electricity.  Using a fantastically minuscule amount of water.  100 MW of power from a thimble full of regular water a decade.
                With an utterly no fossil fuel burn.  No carbon dioxide.  And no hyper toxic uranium fission.  The amount of life on earth is limited by the circulating organic carbon.
                Which is why there was 65% more life on earth in the Jurassic.  Before most of the fossil fuels formed.  Twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air-photosynthesis was less evolved.
                Except during the three natural ice ages.  When carbon dioxide levels increase to eight parts per million.  Four times the trace levels of carbon dioxide in the global air today.
                The weather seas the global average!  As local level rises at diesel engine exhausts are totally insignificant.  And increased plant yields locally for the next 5 minutes.
                Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas.  And never makes it to the stratosphere!  Where our weather is made.  Somebody please explain to me were professors of physics has spent the years since 86 writing about the weather.
                An area of they have total ignorance about.  There global weather has been cooling since 1995.  So professors of physics have shut the hell up.  No academic who has written fictitious papers on behalf of nuclear power (paid fiction) has any place in education.
                Reporters similarly show shut the hell up.  Global photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide every afternoon to a static global trace level of only two parts per million.  Static trace gases affect nothing!
                Man can not affect the carbon dioxide level in the air if he tried!  Nature controls it.  Nuclear power produce global death help produce global death: the least green industry ever!
                Carbon dioxide increases plant growth.  It is the green gas.  People pontificating about man made climate change shaky but today, mental health medication.  And get our high school education!

Jonathan Thomason         

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