Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Golden power

15 October 2014
                All river sources over the earth all formed by the natural landscape of pressurise geothermal water from the earth’s mantle, to the air for low pressure air!
                Water from the seas and Rivers on the earth filters down to the earth’s mantle.  Losing all salts and contaminants.  A hits the earth’s core, and calls the molten lava a metals down, before rock and higher temperature metals.
                Hot high pressure water dissolves heavy metals, like gold platinum and silver.  For brevity old I wall just refer to gold.  I really mean all the heavy metals.
                As the pressure drops, most of the metals precipitate out.  The gold precipitates below 10 metres from the earth’s surface.  If we use ground sonar, we can track the river source back.
                We want an underground pocket, folder superheated water.  At 250° C 8.4 atmospheres pressure.  We drill down, and enter the pocket from below!  So we get an endless stream of superheated liquid water, we gold in.
                I was taught this in 1982 at Sheffield University.  At the time the pressure drop of filtering the liquid water men to this water was effectively useless.  Fast forward to 1993.  James Dyson in medicine Dyson dry cleaner.
                If we vent of water to 8.2 atmospheres, we get dirty steam!  Steam with heavy metal dust in.  Eureka!  We pass through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  And collect all the heavy metal powder.
                We sell the gold dust on to process into metal ingots!  Here 40% other heavy metals will be gold.  A rich goal seam for conventional mining, is 1% gold.  Which explains why in the last two millennia mankind has only mined 156,000 tonnes of gold.
                50,000 tonnes as the Kruger mines have used a conditioning to cool down core material.  So they are mining the core direct!  And get so much gold.  There is 411 million tonnes of gold in the core.
                Every geothermal mine will produce an endless steam steam-with gold dust in.  5 tonnes of gold per year, every geothermal mine.  Gold is the fifth most abundant element on earth.  We can produce 75,000 tonnes every year.
                Doubling the amount of gold available to mankind after only two years.  The rate of production from the increasing 20% year on year!  Gold is priced according to scarcity.  It is so not scarce.
                We now have a limitless source of dirty steam.  So we have an infinite source of gold metal.  I am not very interested.  In 2000 I was studying power production to my Ph D.
                The clean steam is ideal for power generation.  We actually cool the exit steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  Which returns 85% of the heat to the inlet steam.
                We are going to heat the inlet steam to 700° C.  Tripling the power production of the plant.  For only 2% of the generated power.  The electricity is basically massive and free.
                No legal any more burn fossil fuels.  Boiling gas are massively overpriced!  Though the carbon dioxide produced does increase the active biology around the earth.  The carbon dioxide is sucked from the air, so can no possible effect on the weather.
                Ask any high school biology student!  Professors of physics obviously need to forcibly retired.  This water usually drives volcanic eruptions and earth quakes.  As mankind it drives all his electricity from this source he wore utilised only 0.5% of the geothermal water.
                The earth’s core produces the heat for free.  With all radioactivity kept well away from man.  Uranium fission operates illegal: just too toxic and expensive.  It will leave their toxic legacy that will remain fatal for 100,000 years.
                Storing their waste would cost 800 times lot of money nuclear power has generated ever.  The most bankrupt industry ever.
                Since Fukushima every nuclear facility needs insurance of our $100,000,000,000.  100 times out commercially available.  So no plant bothers.  They run totally under insured.
                With no allowance for decommissioning costs of their plants.  And no the suppose that legal supervision of the National Power generation bodies.  The most illegal industry ever.
                Only Sizewell B could be operating within planning consent-if they carried sufficient insurance.  So the whole of the nuclear industry should be issued with an immediate stop orders tomorrow.
                They are operating illegally.
                Free geothermal water will produce infinite free electricity and gold.  Without any fossil fuel burn.  Without any carbon dioxide production.  Free gold and power!  The nightmare scenario for nuclear power.
                I have been blogging about this for a year.  Nuclear power has never written a syllable!  As the realise the game is up for their toxic industry.  That means to kill you!  The rest of us.

                One important factor I have failed to mention, is a gentle simmer of liquid water does molecular nuclear fusion.
1              H2O+T->He+O+E2+Xray
                The turbulence comes from the chaotic nature of boiling.  The production of helium and oxygen gases by the deep is on scientific records.  So all the time we have nuclear fusion going off around the earth’s mantle.
                The X rays top up the isotope number of the heavy metal elements in the earth’s core.  Which then undergo nuclear fission.  An inherently lossly system, that runs down over time.  After a billion years, there would be no nuclear fission in the core.
                But every day we are doing nuclear fusion on tmantel.  And this tops up the radioactive nature of the earth’s core.
                Nature derives massive energy from this heat source!  It is likely that geothermal fusion in the deep around Mars supports massive ecosystems.  The surfaces of life less.  All the life is in the deep.
                Nature derives massive energy from molecular nuclear fusion it happens around the earth’s mantle.
                On Io the turbulence resulting from Jupiter’s gravity sets off nuclear fusion around the Moon-a similar size to the earth.  Which drives massive organism around the planet.
                So all earth events around the earth are powered by nuclear fusion in the deep.
Jonathan Thomason

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