Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hypersonic jet

18 October 2014
                This uses science I was told at Sheffield University in the 1980s.  As steam passes over a turbine it liberates massive heat, helium and X ray radiation.
1              H2O+T->He+O+E2+Xray
                Back to my old idea of molecular nuclear fusion: which Dr. MatZinger said he was my best idea ever.  Here we are not using it to play cancer cells apart, but to generate heat!
                Even co2 mentally fires steam turbines liberate heat two nuclear markers!  Helium and X ray radiation.  Titanium turbine blades doubles the amount of molecular nuclear fusion media, which is why aluminium alloy is not used!  Even though he’s has the strength.  It is a body centred cublic was like structure.
                Only Face Centred Cubic metals for me hydrogen bonds with hydrogen.  Thus causing other hydrogen atoms to abrade the hell’s water molecules.  Basically Face Centred Cubic the doubles the amount electricity we get out of a steam turbine.
                So steam does molecular nuclear fusion.  So does a jet engine!  From the stream of combustion products.  Generating heat of 700° C.
                We need Rolls Royce to modify the exhaust manifold of the jet engine, to use as heat to boil off liquid water.  We introduce this steam with a combustion products at the start of the turbine.
                We increase the amount of for us to get by an order of magnitude.  The exhaust their heats up to 1500° C.
                It will be a good idea to use ceramic turbine blades.  Coated on the steam in the steam inlet side with TiO.  We can now turn off the aviation fuel, and close the air in light of the jet engine.
                We no run the jet entirely off water.  At more than mach 10.  So we are flying at hypersonic speed.  We can fly into low earth orbit.  As we do not need the source of oxygen.
                When we re enter the atmosphere, we fire up the jet engines.  And fly back to the ground under power.  None of the free falling to earth that do and the space shuttles.  I was at the Kape between the Challenger and Discovery incidents.
                To see the launch of the hole for repair mission.  Suddenly mankind can colonise within the magnetosphere:  FeO may block solar radiation-we need to check!  The Apollo missions were suicide mission inside a lower power microwave oven.  Death within two days!
                The Apollo missions lasted eight days.  There was so obviously not real.  But now Rolls Royce can produce a hypersonic jet, the only uses aviation fuel at taken off and landing.  I had told this all too an engineering student at Manchester University.
                He now works at Rolls Royce!  He obviously was not a good listener.

Jonathan Thomason

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