Thursday, 9 October 2014

Illegal nuclear power

9 October 2014
                The simplest and cheapest way to generate electricity around the earth, is to drill down to the river of water which runs on the earth’s mantle!  This is superheated due to the intense pressure.
                It dissolves all heavy metals from the mantel.  This accesses the 411 million tonnes of gold in the earth’s core.  In 2000 years mankind has only mined 156,000 tonnes of this soft useless metal.
                We pass the superheated water through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner: the year the water at 8.2 atmospheres 240° C.  And we produce 5 tonnes of heavy metal for each plant.
                We pass the now clean steam through a steam turbine and generate free electricity.  Nuclear power is not free!
                Since 2010 he each operating you clear power plant in the UK news $10,000,000,000 of insurance!  That was the year of Fukushima.
                The managers of all 16 nuclear facilities warrants 10 years in jail and at 10,000,000 pound fine for each year of illegal operation.
                The power station regulator has a legal duty to enforce the law the.  Only Sizewell B is operating within planning consent.  The purses for transgressing planning are truly horrendous!
                You can’t use your own engineers to extend planning consent.  All nuclear facilities in the UK are operating illegally!  The magnox stations in Scotland should all have closed in the 1990s!
                There is also a legal requirement for safe storage of your waste.  Nuclear waste remains lethal for 100,000 years!  Safe storage will cast 200 times the cost of generating electricity.
                Or long-term storage was filled for years ago.  Nuclear power is illegally utilising short term storage for long-term radioactive waste.  The regulator has to issue an immediate stop order for all legal transgressions.
                The managers are more nuclear facilities in the UK have amassed years in jail each!  And finds of 150,000,000-at 1986 prices!  The last time I met a nuclear regulator.

Jonathan Thomason

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