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Infinite free power

23 October 2014
                Every second of the year, somewhere around the world we have got heavy rain.  The chaotic interaction of rain drops does nuclear fusion
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                The positive charge collects above the clouds, the negative falls to the ground.  When we have a potential of 5000 volts we set up a lightening down strike.  This is a partial steam plasma.
                It emits light and X rays.  As it produces helium gas.  There is a chemical source of none of these!  We are doing nuclear fusion from compounds of hydrogen.  Usually water!  But we can do molecular nuclear fusion from ammonia or hydrocarbons-in refineries.  Taught to me in 1984.
                Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Plants do it in the process we erroneously term photosynthesis
2              mCO2+(r+n)H2O+rO2->Cm(H2O)n+r(He2++O32-+E+Xray)    Cm(H2O)n= carbohydrates
                So the limit to life on earth is available circulating organic carbon.  In the Jurassic there was twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  65% more active biology and.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.
                And most crucially, there were three natural ice ages!  When natural carbon dioxide levels rose to eight parts per million.  Today photosynthesis free carbon dioxide at only two parts per million.
                In the ice age at the end of the cretaceous into the Permian, we had 1000 years of natural glaciation.  With free carbon dioxide at 10 parts per million-modern photosynthesis had not yet evolved.
                The climate there is the natural photosynthesis going on.  Which in turn limits free carbon dioxide levels.  Carbon dioxide does not limit the climate!  Only morons in the pay of nuclear power, thought it ever could.
                Today academia has moved on: since 2003.  Only reporters with large contracts for nuclear power, no write articles about manmade climate change.  As even nuclear power has given up on global warming!
                We are in a period of natural global cooling.  Since before industry there has been a static two parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.
                As man burns the fossil fuels, he resurrects the prehistoric life as modern biology.  He can’t increase the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by global photosynthesis.  The life support system on land and in the seas.
                Man’s cities are globally insignificant.  They have no affect on carbon dioxide levels in the stratosphere-where our weather is made.  Carbon dioxide is a heavy gas.  And never makes it that high!
                Man made climate change ignores high school biology.  And the axe in total ignorance of meteorology.  He was devised by physicists!  Who know nothing of any importance.
                Reporters of writing copy about science they have no knowledge of.  Global warming was fabricated by nuclear power.  Which makes those reporters nuclear stooges.
                Burning fossil fuels does a little nuclear fusion
3              Cm(H2O)n+rO2->mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+E2+Xray)
                The amount of nuclear fusion we do is dimer is proportional to the turbulence and catalytic structure.  As I was told at Sheffield University titanium capitalises hydrogen interactions.  Doubling the molecular nuclear fusion we do.
                So a thick titanium plate doubles the engine power-four fossil fuels we burn.  So if we titanium plate the working surfaces of the internal combustion engine, we can halve the amount of fossil fuels we burn.
                So we adjust the fuel injection system.  Or tweak the carburettor in old car engines.  We can also inject water into the opposite side of the engine.  This will do more molecular nuclear fusion-with no carbon dioxide.
                We molecular nuclear fusion is set up by the turbulence and X rays emitted by the burning fuel.
4              Xray1+H2O+T+O2->He+O3+E2+Xray2
                So using a kit commercially available from the Internet, we can increase the engine power.  By using regular water.  Emitting inert helium and a bit more ozone.
                Isn’t it interesting that present car and engine’s do molecular nuclear fusion as they work.  By maximising the nuclear fusion, we can reduce the fossil fuel burn by a third.
                But there is a far simpler idea!  We utilises a steam plasma tube.  When the guy is not driving, we stepped up the plasma tube down to low pressure.  To maintain the plasma, and keep the boiler room just below the boiling point of water.
                When driving the car, we increase the plasma pressure.  Lightening suggests there is a free steam plasma 50x1cm would produce a constant 600 kW of heat.  An enclosed steam plasma will release a constant 500 kW.
                This is sufficient here and drive a supercar or lorry on the motorway.  We maybe only need a 25x1cm steam plasma to drive a four seater family saloon.
                We use a steam to drive a little steam turbine.  To supply the electricity to propel the motors on each wheel.  We need no engine, clutch or gear box.  We use clever electronics to vary by the frequency and amplitude of the AC power we produce.
                We power up a battery for the next cold start, we have loads of electricity to drive the car electronics.
                We utilises a quarter thimble full of regular water every three years.  We never need to visit a service station.  Which is why he and the price of oil is plummeting.  And yet Opec is totally inactive.
                And Saudi Arabia now realises that the fossil fuels are irrelevant to the world Energy Systems.
                As geothermal water bubbles through fossilised carbohydrates in shale deposits, we form methane.  No need for higher pressure solvents injection.  The water is there for free!
5              3(C+2H2O)->3CH4+2O3
                This is how nature produces all the natural gas pockets in the world.  Where there is exposed platinum we’ve form Petroleum Oil.
6              mCH4+nH2O+(Pt)->CmHn+2H2+(pt)+n/3O3
                m=16 for petrol                m=12 for diesel
                So you can take them methane from natural fracking, and matzinger over a heated titanium catalyst.  And get out diesel or petrol.  By drilling a bore hole down to eat carbon shale deposits.  And letting nature provides us with free methane gas.  No cell and injections are required.
                We can actually do the same idea in a chemical plant.  More efficiently, there was less environmental problems.
7              CO2+2H2O+(Ti)->CH4+2O2+(Ti)
                So we buy in cancers of high pressure liquid carbon dioxide: we do not form solid carbon dioxide ice at higher pressures.  We get liquid carbon dioxide.
                We use a titanium honeycomb of high pressure water, to free is a limitless methane-with oxygen gas.  We kill the gas, to get liquid natural gas at -28oC 1 atmosphere.  So we get liquid methane that higher temperatures, at high pressure.
                We vent the oxygen to the air, and sell them methane: which was last active biology in prehistory.  As it is burnt, plants convert the extra carbon dioxide into additional plant biomass.
                But a 1m steam plasma tube can replace eight rows of gas or oil burners.  It is a much more direct way to do nuclear fusion.  Within the decade burning natural gas will cease.
                This steam plasma tube utilises minuscule volume of regular water.  And he is a much more direct way to get up molecular nuclear fusion: the Energy System of biology.  Sorry for my bruse of my car accident.eakfast on my lip!  I can't feel such stuff, because of my car accident.

Jonathan Thomason

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