Friday, 24 October 2014

Infinite free power

24 October 2014
                In the steam plasma we get loads of interactions between hydrogen nuclei and free electrons.  Hydrogen ions are basically a naked proton bonded to one or more neutrons.
1              p+.1/2n0 ->2/3n0
                So the next hydrogen plasma gives rise to a constant stream of neutrons.  These do not interact with fast moving electrons.  They bond with atomic nuclei.  Making no radioactive.
2              1H++r n0->1+rH+->E3+L+Xray
                16O2-+s n0->2Be->4B->8He->16H  then 2
                So the molecular hydrogen plasma, as all the water molecule into energy, light and low power X rays.
Mass water        = 0.018016
Mole of water   = 1 gram of water is 1 / 18.02
Speed of light    = 299,792,458 = 3x108
c2                            =9x1016
                Energy released from the steam plasma can be calculated by E=mc2.  It looks to be about 9x1020/l.  This is a massive amount of energy.  100 MW power station can run for a decade of a thimble full of regular water.
                We do not need heavy water!  The mist of neutrons we get in the plasma enriches the hydrogen and oxygen ions.
                So this is massive free energy!  With no radioactive waste.  From virtually no regular water.  No fossil fuel burn.  No hyper toxic uranium fission.
                And every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  It is the energy source on nature.
                Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion: which is why steam engines work so well.  Petrol and diesel engines are basically instant on steam engines.
                But the lightning demonstrates that a partial steam plasma is a most exothermic structure on earth.  Exploding a nuclear bomb in a tank of water does massive molecular nuclear fusion.
                But the steam plasma removes the need for any nuclear material.  The regular water is converted into massive free energy.
                All over the world!  No need for any fossil fuel burning.  And certainly no need for hyper toxic uranium fission.
                The system is basically free with no toxic radioactive waste.  Burning oil or gas is just so overpriced!  The carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth.  But the basic fuels is just too expensive!
                Water is free.  And is the densest form of energy readily available to mankind.
Jonathan Thomason

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