Sunday, 19 October 2014

Labour wants you dead

19 October 2014
                There is no evidence that only cancer detection has any affect on your recovery from cancer.  In 2002 that a single application of High Intensity UltraSound would cure all developed cancers.
                Since when the biochemical drug industry has been fighting a massive rearguard action!  To promote the use of fatal biochemical treatments.  Maintaining the early detection and treatment has any effect.
                Is only effect is to boost drug company incomes!  People dying from cancers, heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems are in a biochemical hell!  An expensive and unpleasant death.
                Of the Hippocratic oath prohibits any register Dr. From prescribing biochemical treatments.  But they have continued to do so, resulting in a horrible from the to had died as of 400 million people around the world.
                The NHS here in England does not use HIUS.  I have practically validated the affect of 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound clearing all cancers etc..  It does not need any Dr. or hospital involvement.  HIUS treatments have actively killed six million British people.
                HIUS will cure all viral and bacterial infections.  Stopping cancer and the rest!  Now Labour wants to spend your money, to increase drunken income.  And kill you.
                Your own ultrasound massage device will act as a fantastically inexpensive HIUS device.  And save your life.  With no Dr. or hospital involvement.

Jonathan Thomason

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