Thursday, 16 October 2014

Look no petrol

16 October 2014
                We can drive a supercar of the quarter of thimble full of regular water a decade!  I will explain this in detail.
                The quickest way to halve the amount of petrol or diesel you burn the regular car, is to titanium plate the inside surfaces of the engine.  This idea was taught to me at Sheffield University 1982.
                Burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion:
1                     Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+nH2O-E1
                                Or (p+r)O2  -> mCO2+r(He+O3+E22+Xray
                So burning fossil fuels does nuclear fusion.  Oxidising carbon fuels takes in energy.  But the nuclear fusion we do releases massive energy.  Making a final system very exothermic.
                Now Face Centred Cubic metals catalyse hydrogen reactions.  In this case of doubling the amount of nuclear fusion we do.  Favouring 1b over 1a.
                The electro plate cast $200.  We treat the fuel injection to be so lean burn!  And get the same power of halve the fossil fuels.  We need half as much petrol or diesel.  We half the carbon dioxide output of the system.  But we can do better than this!
                Time for high school physics.  A hydrogen nucleus is basically a proton bonded to one or more neutrons.  A steam plasma will cause the interactions between the protons and free electrons.
2              p.1/2n++e- ->2/3n0
                So the free electrons to cover their hydrogen ions into two or more neutrons.  These bond with their heavier atoms, to cause repeated nuclear fission.
                First let us consider lightning: which uses heavy rain does so do (Molecular) nuclear fusion.  Heavy rain itself does nuclear fusion.
3              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+Xray+L
                Professors of physics have written up and published this.  There is no chemical source of X rays, light or helium gas.  No source of nuclear fission.  We have to doing nuclear fusion.  From molecular hydrogen-water!
                Were get a potential of 5000 volts beating the cloud tops, where the helium nuclei collects, and the ground where the negative charge falls to get a lightening down strike.
                This is a partial steam plasma which links up electron holes between the cloud tops and the ground.  We then get the up rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.
                We do equation 3 big time!  Releasing 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  As X rays and light.  As we produce 5 tonnes with helium gas-with associated ozone.  The ozone and heat we can detect.  They helium needs a Geiger counter!
                So of physics student who goes out in heavy rain will be up to detect the nuclear fusion nature is doing on earth.  He the air down to -20oC.  Nothing remotely hard about nuclear fusion.
                In a glass tube we for massive numbers of neutrons.  These bond with the helium and oxygen ions, to cause their nuclear fusion.  To surmise the reactions
4              H2O+T->E3+L+Xray
                No solid radioactive waste.  Just massive free energy.  A steam plasma tube can be used to drive the car off regular water.
                A lightning bolt releases 6MW/m.  Burning no carbon fuels!  Doing no hyper toxic nuclear fission from uranium.  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Including you-as you heart beats!  Which is why you breathe out helium and ozone.
                A steam plasma tube release is a continuous 10 MW/m at four atmospheres.  This is just too much energy.  A Bugatti Vehron engine produces 736 kW.  A 50x1 cm at four atmospheres will produce 1.2 MW.  Irregular family car on the motorway uses 80 kW.
                So we are maybe it looking after 10 cm steam plasma, which still releases 600 kW.  These numbers new confirm me in a laboratory.
                Over the three year life of the car, will we utilised 1/4 thimble full of regular water.  No petrol or diesel burn at all.  No carbon dioxide production!
                But carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth.  There is no more carbon dioxide in the afternoon air than before the industrial revolution.  Crop yields have increased by 15% though!  Any scientist who taught about man made climate change being linked of fossil fuels, has obviously not take in his mental health medicine for the last year.
                We have two choices!  Here we reduce the pressure of the steam plasma, to take over mode while ideal.  Or we connect to the mains, and sell our power.
                So my 50 CM steam plasma will produce a of virtually no water at all.  Ideal for the Home Power plant.  We sit it in an outhouse.
                It sits there generating a constant 1.2 MW.  The house maximum demand is my 80 kW.  The same are striving a car on the motorway.  And biggest problem, is a hypertension cable tune out to the local sub station.
                To avoid frying local Electric System.  They can sell the power of four P per kilowatt hour.  6¢!  So we generate $720,000 an hour.  $3 million a year.  Our biggest problem will be spending it!  We only need 1 in a 100 houses to have their own molecular nuclear fusion plant.
                Then the power companies retail the domestically generated power.  No monolithic power company is required.  Neither fossil fuels nor uranium fission!
                What this really demonstrates is the electricity is 10,000 times overpriced today.  No anyone with an outhouse cen generating electricity for very nearly free!
                The generating equipment will cast $20,000.  There will be no fuel cost!  The water reservoir will never need refilling in recorded history.  Was the plant is paid for, can be scrape by on three million dollars a year?
                Burning fossil fuels will stop  within three years.  Hyper toxic uranium fission should never have been started anyway.  Massively overpriced & infinitely toxic.

Jonathan Thomason

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