Saturday, 4 October 2014

Replacing diesel oil

4 October 2014
                Years or does not have one chemical formula!  Typically it is C12H23.  This formed from the carbohydrates of life which have the equation Cm(H2O)n.  But under the intense pressure and temperature of the deep were stripped of the oxygens.
            All the fossil fuels used to be active biology.  Hence the presence of fossil bones in coal or oil deposits.  Under intense pressure the diesel oil undergo as molecular nuclear fusion.
1          C12H23+22O2 ->12CO2+(11½-r)H2O+He+rE           E=mc2 for H
                This equation oversimplification!  As the diesel cycle also produces ozone!  Which implies single radical oxygens cover the oxygen molecules from the air.
                The important term here is the helium gas!  There is no chemical source of helium.  So we are doing the nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions from carbohydrate molecules.  We also see molecular nuclear fusion from the turbulent interaction of high pressure water or steam.
2              H2O+T->He+O+E2+Xray
                There is 5.125 parts per million helium in the air that you are breathing.  That is lost to space and replaced every day!  So nature gets 1040 W of energy every year from the molecular nuclear fusion there goes on throughout nature.
                The most exothermic variety is a lightening strike.  That happens every 3 minutes around the earth constantly.
                It a lightning strike produces 5 tonnes of helium gas.  So we can introduce hydrogen into the plasma chamber!  They constantly flows up a hydrogen plasma to do atomic nuclear fusion.
                We vent some the plasma gas!  The plasma self sustains at two atmospheres.  We run a captive steam cycle!  That utilises no fossil fuel burn and no hyper toxic uranium fission.
                We then cool down the exit gas: using a chain of Carnot heat pumps.  They consume term percent of the generated power.
                We end up with liquid helium!  We cycle the hydrogen back into the plasma chamber.  So we have produced a murmur source of helium, and also generates electricity we can sell to the national grid.
                The hydrogen we produce by the electrolysis of yet more liquid water.  Venting the oxygen to the air.  Weldling has a limitless demand for helium.
                I can’t understand why they don’t use the massive amounts of Argon the liquefaction of their produces.  As there are no compounds of organ even with red hot metals.
                But now we have a limitless source of helium, that also produces electricity!  With no fossil fuel bound.  And no toxic nuclear fission of uranium or plutonium.
Jonathan Thomason

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