Sunday, 12 October 2014

The death of Ebola

12 October 2014
                They have been four outbreaks of Ebola in Africa.  Which have all abated with no intervention from Western medicine.  It is not a good virus!  20% cent of people a better naturally, within a year.
                It transmits via exchange of body fluids: Western medics who have caught the disease have been close proximity to people with the virus.  And there is no excuse for the port nursing standards which have resulted in contamination.
                Africans who have got better from the disease, now sold their blood by the pint as an effective cure.  It is.  For 40 years their blood will have the active human antibody in.
                Worstern medicine can buy the blood, and get the active antibody!  The recent experience of producing an active antibody using tobacco plants, demonstrates we know the structures!
                Suddenly medicine has started curing Ebola.  As a have realized the whole of Western is reliant on Ebola!  Being highly infectious, incurable are threatening to the western world.
                The four Ebola outbreaks previously over last two years have abated totally naturally.  People with the active virus flow around the planet.
                They went to see their GP, cause the course of antibiotics and a decent dimer.  That is all that is required to cure the week virus.  Your own the immune system excretes and actions the specific human antibody.
                So we get the active antibody from our blood sample, identify it.  And then we use cell biology to splice the RNA onto harmless bacteria.
                And brew up massive vats of the bacteria.  We can then produce pills of the human antibody.  By the hundreds of tonnes.  Within four days we can irrigate Ebola from the world.
                This year’s the best medicine of the 20th century.  Totally capable of eradicating Ebola.  Both cheaply and quickly.  And every Dr. Has promised to do it!  But none do.
                Remember we are dealing with a week virus.  There has periodic plants in Africa.  That never transmit to Europe or America.
                In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated the use of high intensity ultrasound to clear cancer: no medic uses HIUS-as it makes them no money.
                I have found a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device applied to the chest for ½ minute will cure all infections!  As both viruses and bacteria share an inflated cell structure.  That expenses cell content boiling in response to
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                Cancer shows its type of cell division with viruses.  So 12 years ago the Moffitt published 100 individual double blind trial on high as curing cancer.  Supervised by three professors of medicine.
                External application of HIUS cures all cancers.  Applied to the chest the fragmenting viral cells cause the immune system to make an action the active human antibody to the infection.
                So high as cures Ebola.  It was all published 12 years ago.  And every Hippocratic oath swearing medic (all registered doctors) have to share this message with every Dr. In their acquaintance.
                Within two days every Dr. On earth will have read this message.  Failure to copy this message once immediate striking off of all medics who have not forwarded it.
                Apply it to the top left the chest and the kidneys; high as clears coronary heart disease.  With no biochemical involvement.
                HIUS to the bottom right of the rib cage clears all science of diabetes: in my practical experience.  Type 1 only remits over the next three days.  No more HIUS required.
                External application will even clear late stage inoperable cancer.  The medical world is in crisis!  There is no need ever to see a Dr. again.  Every hospital on earth will go bankrupt.
                As you read this there is already an avalanche of biochemical drug company is filing for bankruptcy.
                Hippocrates was a smart guy.  He would have been appalled they cancer was cured 12 years ago.  And yet modern doctors are still prescribing biochemical treatments.  Defective, expensive and fatal medicine.

Jonathan Thomason

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