Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The money factory

22 October 2014
                To be honest I had not expected to be on the train to see my uncle again.  I had assumed that is power plant would go bankrupt.  And you'd find something else to do nearer home. The plant was a small hydroelectric plant, and says Inco Bleanavon shut down uneconomic.
                I stepped off the train, and 19 about waiting for a taxi-or getting a 56 bus-the lifeblood of the community.  If you can get there by bus, you don’t do it!
                ‘Sam’ shouted a voice. ‘Dave!’ I exclaimed as I turned around. ‘come on Andreas the taxi is waiting’.  I was slightly surprised.  I was half an hour late.
                ‘you are lucky to catch us.  The wife and I are off to Florida for a month.  Next week’.  He told me. ‘but the power station!’ I objected.
                ‘nothing Bedo can’t handle on his own’ uncles told me.
            ‘aren’t you worried about gas prices?’ I asked him. ‘we run on nuclear fusion’ he gloated. ‘but nobody can do that’ I protested.
            ‘the grandkids were with me, and Philip Astley why lightning give off light!  The questions children ask.’ He complained. ‘because only nuclear processes give off light’ I recited from my physics bachelor’s degree.  I had never thought about it!
            No source of nuclear fission.  How is this possible? ‘and lightning gives off X rays, and every 3 minutes around the earth a lightning strike produces five tonnes of helium gas’ he informed me.
            I usually I had nothing to say.  So waited for him to contain. ‘lightening turns regular water into helium and free radical oxygen: the oxygen forming ozone in the air’ he explained needlessly.
            I had done and a levelling chemistry after all!  Only 15 years ago.  I was beginning to get interested. ‘why he is earth no builder of helium in the air?’ Are not unreasonably asked.
            ‘Lost to space the same day.  This Energy System revised nature with 1040 Watts of energy annually’ he finished.  ‘But mankind has only ever generated 1020 Watts of energy’ I protested.
            ‘welcome to molecular nuclear fusion’ he gloated as he poured into the factory. ‘but lightening is too random!’ I protested.  He nodded.
            ‘so we fire up a steam plasma in a glass tube.’ He looked in my direction, and decided I needed more. ‘the hydrogen ions and free electrons bond together to form neutrons.  Those neutrons bond with the other ions, making no radioactive’ he began to gesticulate.
‘so they became radioactive, and fission into…’ I recited from my university lectures as I began to get the idea.           
‘in the air and massive energy with a bit of light and low power X rays’ Dave finished.  It is all published on the Internet!  Look up ‘molecular nuclear fusion’.  I would like to buy the guy who thought this up a strong glass of water.  ‘Mixed with a decent Welsh whisky’ he added.
‘so a steam plasma turns regular water into massive heat and the rest’ are summarised.  ‘But how do we keep it going?’ I asked him.
‘When Elfyn built one, he is electronics from a fluorescent light.  Worked just great!  And above two atmospheres the plasma carries on’ they even as proudly. ‘while we use a micro pipette to augment the water pressure’ he added.
We were in the boiler room now.  No massive coal, oil or gas burners.  I.feared the price of gas would have shut down the factory.  Now there was just a metal structure-like an old phone books on its side.
‘we have four 1m steam plasma tubes in the there’ he waved his hand.They replace the whole boiler room.  We have not yet worked out our water consumption.  It looks to be 0.01 CCs a year.  Instead of 250 gallons or gas a month.’ He remembered with a grimis.
‘the radiation level?’ I asked, as I wondered if I should back away. ‘about t’he same as own beating hearts in a rugby scrum’ he smiled as he gave me the analogy.
‘beating hearts do molecular nuclear fusion!’ I protested.  He nodded and gave me a grain. ‘so right boyo!’ He told me with pride.
‘we are only a small power plant’ he reminded me. ’20 MW’ I remembered. ‘so were how much gas and oil do you use?’ A look of pain flashed across his features. ‘had it not been listening!  Non at all.  We use mcro microscopic amounts of water’ he restated.
‘how much do you sell your electricity for? ‘0.5p’ he informed me. ‘give those nuclear boys in ago threshing in the scrum’ he gloated.  Nuclear wanted 2p/kWhr for any electricity generated in the UK.
‘so how much money…’ I began. ‘£150,000 a week.  Expenses 4,000.  Although plant is already paying for and fully depreciated’ he added.
‘lunch?  The Lion’ he announced. ‘none of the three star mark now!’  he snorted

Jonathan Thomason

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