Monday, 20 October 2014

Unlimited free energy

20 October 2014
Enriched uranium produces 80,620,000 – 8x107.  But regular hydrogen in a hydrogen plasma has in energy density of 1017.  It releases 10,000,000,000 more energy.  It is an inherently clean Energy System.
                First of all we gain hydrogen ions (a proton bonded to neutrons) amalgamating with free electrons.  To form neutrons.  This is a dances energy structure in the universe.  Powering neutrons stars.  Basically for ever.
1              p+.1/2n0+e- ->2/3n0
These enrich other hydrogen ions, to one tritium and above.  This is first year undergraduate physics.  Published in the 1950s.
                2              1…3H++r n0 ->2…4H+->E3+L+Xray
                This is a more powerful engine and then we get nuclear fusion.  It produces power no matzinger at the end!  And the energy, light and X rays. so it is twice as exothermic as atomic nuclear fusion.
                And it is 1010 times more exothermic than a energy deficient uranium fission.  Which produces hyper toxic plutonium or strontium.  Is no natural source of plutonium.  As the earth’s mantle does molecular nuclear fusion.
                The release of neutrons and gamma wave radiation destroy all the radioactive compounds.  Only non enriched uranium can be mined.  The release of neutrons actually increases the isotope number of the uranium atom.
                We are better off using a steam plasma.  Which he is a non toxic source of molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is 2x109 were exothermic than uranium fission.
                A steam plasma converts non enriched water into massive free energy.  The oxygen ions bond with and free used neutrons, to repeatedly undergo nuclear fission until they form hydrogen.
                He fission turning a neutron into energy.  So every nuclear fission of the lower atomic mass atoms is exothermic!  The nuclear fission of the regular isotope will be air and a thermally.
                So a steam plasma turns the whole of the water molecule into energy, light and low power X rays.
                A single 50 cm steam plasma tube will generate $50,000,000 of electricity a year.  From regular water.  No fossil fuel bound.  No hyper toxic uranium fission.
                It takes a jolt of electricity at 2000 volts to initiate the plasma.  After this we need to increase the water pressure.  By adding ¼ thimble full of regular water a decade.  The X rays are low power, and were not penetrate to millimetres of concrete-where the filler is iron oxide rather than sand.
                So we generate a megawatts of free electricity!  Which can be cell continuously for 4000 pounds a minute.  For ever.  This up 15,000,000 annually!
                With no solid radioactive waste.  And we leave carbon dioxide to the carbon cycle and biology.  It is the major life support system on earth.
                The only rustification for allowing uranium fission was its energy density!  Despite is hyper toxic the full nature.  But the steam plasma is 9,000,000,000 as exothermic.  And totally nontoxic.
                And water falls from the skies for free.  The plant to turn into near unlimited energy will cast 20,000 pounds.  No Fuelling ever required.
Jonathan Thomason

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