Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Where is the health bonus?

13 October 2014
                Over 99% of the NHS budget (and those of Health Services around the world) was devoted to cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre confirmed that High Intensity UltraSound cleared cancer.  They he did the initial work on prostate cancer-but it applies equally to all cancers.  That share a none inate pressurised cell structure.
                Regular body cells are more flacid.  And experience ultrasound burns at higher power levels.  This is published in the Medical pantheon.
                I applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys high us clears coronary heart disease: this idea was medically published 2012.  I cleared my heart disease are my nursing friend!  Who maintains that high as can have no effect.
                If that was true, he would have been dead for two years ago!  Not fully discharged from heart medicine at Salford Royal.
                I now utilises an ultrasonic (5 W 1 MHz) massage device I bought from Ebay.  If you look for the cheapest such device, they can be purchased for under $20.
                External application to any cancerous organ will clear them the the cancer cells!  The minimal body cell damage induces an immune action to clear secondaries.  The cell damage is replaced by your own stem cells within two weeks.
                High us to the bottom right of the rib cage for ½ minute (the standard treatment time) will clear all types of diabetes: no biochemistry ever required.
                With age the brain silts up with the inactive brain cells.  Physiotherapists have used HIUS for 25 years to clear scarring and cell damage on limbs.  I have personally demonstrated that this works on the brain.
                I have 30% brain damage in 1988!  I now work as an urban folk lyricist and singer.  And in 2000 I started a PH D into Chemical Engineering.  Which got ended, as a founder I was working on cell biology with Harvard.
                Strokes our third biggest Medical killer out there.  HIUS applied repeatedly to each side of the head for ½ minute will fix strokes.
                Which leaves the surgeons with a problem!  All cancer surgery and biochemical treatments are prohibited medicine: specifically excluded by the Hippocratic oath.
                Medics have ignored it since 2002!  Resulting in the avoidable deaths of 400,000,000 people around the world.  A lot in America!  Which has a high number of medical lawyers.  He each death was a fine of $10,000,000, and turn five years in jail for each of involves medics.
                Biochemical prescriptions are cumulative first degree murder.  No registered Dr. Is ethically allowed to prescribe biochemical drugs.
                High as clears all diabetes!  So weight loss surgery is again defective medicine: NICE also decided repeat weight loss surgery was defective medicine for diabetes.
                So 95% of medical surgeons have no job.  Yet there are still being paid.  The three major diseases of age can be cleared in a single outpatient appointment-using HIUS.
                Since 2002 the MHS has experienced 2% income increases every year.  But it expenses have shrunk by 99%!  So they are staff and heat empty wards.  This is a massive amount of money.
                We are talking about the return our 120 billion UK pounds a year to the British taxpayer.  The same applies to all around the world.  Private Health Centres are going bankrupt.
                Doctors and consultants are no longer required.  We are experiencing the most massive shrinkage in any profession ever!  And yet the NHS is demanding ever more money.
                As the requirement for a Health Service is a vanishing.  The NHS is the second biggest employer-after the Chinese army.  There is now frightening little demand for the NHS.
                All the doctors who have continued with biochemical treatments individually owe the family as of patients they have needlessly killed one billion UK pounds.  And have accumulated a millennia in prison.
                The NHS has killed eight million British people since our select was first published.  The biggest avoidable killing in British history.

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