Monday, 23 March 2015

Biggest killing in history

23 March 2015
                Since 2002 the medical world has ignored the seminal paper published by the Moffitt cancer centre.  Utilising High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancers.  HIUS also clears coronary heart disease and diabetes.  I applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys, and the bottom right of the rib cage respectively.  For only ½ minute.
                G P’s would not be in a waterfall form the biggest mass killing in history, where the connivance of medical professors.  Not one has spoken to!  The HIUS idea applies to all cancers.  Thus have a pressurised cell structure.
1              H2Op+US1->He+O+E2+Xray
                Medics have utilised ultrasound to display cancer cells since 1860.  When I was realise the 5 W 40 kHz caused all pressurise cancer cells to emit X rays.  Of which there is no chemical source.  We are inducing molecular nuclear fusion.
                So does the cancer cells experience cell content boiling.  They fragment and are cleared by the inactive immune system.  Which then launches an immune assault to clear that distinct cell type throughout the body.
                Realised by every medical professor on earth!  But continued to research biochemical treatments.  Strictly prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.  No register Dr. Is allowed to teach, research or apply defective medicine.
                All biochemical treatments became globally prohibited defective medicine in 2002.  But professors have continued to work on biochemistry, as it makes them loads of money!
                He is so doing they have permeated G P’s so can you prescribing knowingly fatal biochemical treatments.  Resulting in 0.5 billion avoidable deaths.  Not one professor has spoken out!  Not even the three professors who published the initial work.
                So biochemical treatments are defective!  They are prohibited.  So is medical professor has accumulated 44 years in jail and at $10,000,000 fine for every year they have operated as professors since 2002.
                And the killing continues!  They want an eight so they year in jail for every day at work.  And ER $3000 fine.  Expect sudden retirements.
                Which will not bring back our friends and family.  44 years in jail for every year as a medical professor.  And stigma of the worst profession ever!  Watts the the GMC do?  Nothing.  They are in the pockets of biochemical treatments.
                Registers lawyers and doctors.  Instantly deleted from the registers of both professions.  They want a century in jail for every year they operated.  And a $25,000,000 fine.
Jonathan Thomason

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