Monday, 30 March 2015

Free electricity

30 March 2015
                Around the world there is a lightening strike every 3 minutes.  This fires up a partial steam plasma.  That makes five tonnes of helium gas-and associated ozone.  We lose the helium to space, and breathe in the 18oxygen.
1              H2O+Tu->3He2++18O2-+E2+Xray
                Heavy rain does 1!  And the charged helium ions carry the positive charge to above the clouds layer.  The negative charge falls to the ground.  So by rain acts like a gaint battery.  This happens in the arctic air down to -50° C.
                This converts by relativity (E=mc2) to 2.5z1030 W of power so in three seconds, nature releases more power than man has ever generated.  Including his nuclear bombs.
                So if we fire up a partial steam plasma in a glass tube, we get a constant 5.8 MW/m at 4 the atmospheres.  So a two metre steam plasma tube will liberate 11.6 MW.
                We can use this to a via a power station.  We condense the use steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  Which allows us to return 85% of the heat to the boiler room at higher temperature.  18th century technology!
                So once running we only need three steam plasma tubes to generate 100 MW of electricity.  Utilising ¼ thimble full of regular water a decade.
                Was initiated the steam plasma self sustains at 4 atmospheres.  So we never need to do uranium fission!  Which is as hyper toxic process that is ever existed on earth.  Or ever will!
                It may get kill us all.  And the nuclear power plant can convert over to molecular nuclear fusion, by replacing the used fission tubes with steam plasma tubes.  So within a month the plant is no toxic uranium fission.
                No intermittent continental toxic death!  The power of biology: every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.  Including you-as you heart beats.
                We also don’t need to burn or oil and gas.  A steam plasma tube produces no solid waste.
2              1H++e- ->n0          so the plasma converts hydrogen ions and free electrons into neutrons
3              16O2-+s n0 ->16H++32e-   the oxygen ions bond with the neutrons and fission into hydrogen ions and electrons.
4              1H++t n0 ->Et3+Xray+L
                The law into physics will get off on these equations!  Me, I am a chemist.  So only if I’m quite interesting.
                So there is a steam plasma burns a hole the water molecule into energy, light and low power X rays.  Effectively only energy!  Which we used to run a steam cycle.
                That produces nearly free electricity!  Burning no fossil fuels.  Doing no hyper toxic uranium fission.  And it is established science to biology!  What the hell of physics been up to?
                So the Great Hadron Collider, was her biggest scientific con trick ever!  Our $100,000,000,000 a year and no nuclear fusion.  A simple steam plasma tube costs £8.00.  10 dollars.  The greatest waste of future research budgets ever.
                So molecular nuclear fusion creates no toxic waste.  No intermittent continental toxic death.  It generates no carbon dioxide.  He utilises no overpriced fossil fuels!
                Clean, safe and free electricity for the world.  We can replace all rows of gas or oil burners, by the massively more exothermic steam plasma tubes.  A 1cmx1m steam plasma tube will generate 1.2 MW.  And can replace all names or oil and gas.
                An engineer can knock up a system in a weekend!  It is not hard science.

Jonathan Thomason

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