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Free power

7 March 2015
                Burning fossil fuels only works so well as it does a bit of molecular nuclear fusion:
1              CmHn+pO2->mCO2+rH2O+s(He+O+Es2+Xray)
                Which is why any flame of fossil fuels years of X rays.  The amount of nuclear fusion we are doing is doubled by titanium plating the boiler plate or working surfaces of the engine.
                So all car manufacturers can more than double the power of the engine by the titanium plating the inside of the cylinder block.  This works for the of petrol and diesel engines.  And will hand the formula one championship to any manufacturer.
                Any maker of family cars can more than double the MPG of her family car.  Halving its trips to the service station to five petrol or diesel.  This technology was taught to me at Sheffield University 1983.
                Are old departments use eight professors have now all been replaced by the department dealing with journalism.  After I started talking about molecular nuclear fusion in 2001.
                Nature has a far better way of doing molecular nuclear fusion.  The chaotic interaction of rain drops.  And the interaction of the turbulent flow of water in waterfalls, or at pressure in the deep sea currents.

                Heavy rain acts like a jaint battery.
2              H2O+T+O2->He2++O32-+E2+Xray
                Around the earth somewhere, it is raining.  So nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion.  Releasing 1040 Watts of energy into nature annually.
                The biggest source of molecular nuclear fusion is from lightning strikes.  Every 3 minutes around the earth, the electrical potential from heavy rain builds up to a potential of 5000 volts beating the cloud tops and the ground: the helium ions collect above the clouds.  The negative charge falls to the ground.
                He each lightning strike does 2 majorly.  Producing 5 tonnes of helium gas.  Whichd equates to energy release of 2.3x1030 Watts of energy.  This fixes the organic nitrogen which fixes all plant growth.
Every second around the earthplants grow until there is only two parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air.  Higher numbers are for use by local gas sampling at diesel engine exhausts.
The value which matters to the climate is a global average.  I am not even sure any carbon dioxide medicine to the stratosphere.  Where our weather is made.
Certainly the global average is a preindustrial two parts per million: A level controlled totally by photosynthesis.  A static trace gas obviously has no affect on anything.
Which is why a working academics shut up about global warming 2003.  Man made climate change is an attempt by the paid stooges to nuclear power, to research the world cooling when the global climate has been cooling since 1995.
Five years previously to my PH D work.  Man made climate change is an obvious logical impossibility.  All throughout history the climate has altered according to predictable solar cycles.
In lightning nature turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases, with massive energy and X ray radiation.  At 5.8 MW/m.
So 8 2metre steam plasma tubes will run 100 MW power station continuously with no fossil fuel burn.  We produce no radioactive waste.  We produce only heat and low power X rays.  A commercial farmland today also produces low power X rays.
We produce no carbon dioxide!  And much more critically no plutonium or strontium.  Uranium fission is the most globally toxic industry that will ever exist.
That causes intermittent global toxic death every 25 years or more.  A steam plasma tube utilises regular water.  And produces no toxic radioactive end product.
It is massively cheaper than burning fossil fuels: my a factor of nearly 0.5 million.  It is eight times as exothermic as uranium fission.  And totally nontoxic.
The plasma utilises a pulse of electricity at 2000 volts to start up: like using the electronics in a fluorescent light bulb.  Above four atmospheres it then self sustains.  There physics within the tumour he is a most interesting:
8              H++e- ->n0           for the the hydrogen ions and electrons combine to form neutrons
                Neutrons are the composite particle given by the amalgamation of a proton and electron.  In a gas plasma we have loads of atomic nuclei and free electrons moving in a chaotic fashion.
9              1H++r n0 ->E3+Xray         these neutrons amalgamate with other hydrogen ions, to form just massive energy and X rays
10           16O2-+t n0 –…>161H++16e-                    the neutrons also bond with the oxygen ions.  Causing repeated nuclear fission, any other 16 hydrogen ions.  Each nuclear fission converting a neutron into energy.  Making the nuclear fission process exothermic.
                So all the ions from a hydrogen plasma end up as energy and X rays.  This happens in the arctic air at -20° C.  The sun’s Corona produces have to 10,000,000° C.  Nuclear fission happens from the turbulent flow of water molecules even below 0° C.
                So snow storms give off X rays.  Geography is have measured by using a Geiger counter.  Every biological organism on earth also does molecular nuclear fusion.
                Capitalised by metabolising carbon dioxide.  Into carbohydrates or methane, along with helium and oxygen ions.  Plus massive heat and X rays.
                Nature is fusion driven.  You do it with every beat of your heart!  Which is why you breathe out methane, helium and free radical oxygen/ozone.
                We are doing easily convert A gas and oil or power station, into a nuclear fusion plant by inserting steam plasma tubes into the boiler chamber.
                We then produce no carbon dioxide.  Producing free electricity with no production of toxic plutonium or strontium.  That is why Saudi Arabia is selling all the oil it can.  And OPEC has ceased to exist.
                The Saudi royal family are only exist while oil revenues supported their economy.  Hopefully by now, they have diversified into other economic activities.

Jonathan Thomason

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