Monday, 2 March 2015

Grounds for retirement

2 March 2015
                All the carbon fuels that mankind is now burning, will was active biology.  At a time when sea levels were 60 metres lower.  In the Jurassic there were three natural ice ages!  Before the carbon fuels formed.
                In mass extinctions the carbohydrates of life abducted down to the depths.  They lost their oxygen and became hydrocarbons.
1                     Cm(H2O)n+P+E-> CmHn+n/2O2
The process takes in energy.  Which is provided by the sphere of our lover of the earth’s core.
                This forms the mantel, and then the water from the seas and Rivers of the earth does molecular nuclear fusion.
2              H2O+P+E->He2++O2-+E2+Xray
                The production of oxygen and helium, and emission of X rays from the D is on record.  Nuclear power but money into global warming stuff!
                So making most academics are more like Sir David Attenborough paid stooges to nuclear power.  The least green industry that will ever exist.
                The Jurassic is interesting: there was 65% more active life.  Twice the level of carbon dioxide in the air, except during the three natural ice age when there is eight parts per million carbon dioxide in the global air.
                For the times the static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air, says levels halved at the end of the little ice age.
                All scientists who have ever produced any output about global warming, let alone TV programmes, must be retired instantly.

Jonathan Thomason

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