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12 March 2015
                In 1983 NEI Parsons allowed my own party from Sheffield University to wander around power generation facilities.  The company is now a part of Seimers.
                We first discovered there was a massive release of nuclear radiation in the boiler chamber.  There is no chemical source of nuclear radiation!  And diesel oil is only very weakly radioactive.
                They should be no sudden burst of nuclear radiation on burning the oil.
1              CmHn+pO2+T ->mCO2+n/2H2O-E
                So was simple oxidation of carbon fuels, takes in energy!  But we get a second reaction
2                              -> mCO2+n(He+sO3+E2+L+Xray)
                We also do molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is why I am on the process is so exothermic.  While wandering around the steam turbine plant, I have found out the air is doing nuclear fusion gave off red light.
                There is no chemical source of visible light.  We I used to a flame of hydrocarbons or carbohydrates being off light.  As any high school physics teacher will tell you, this is only possible because the nuclear fusion going on.
                This is why all naked flames give off nuclear radiation!  Detectable using a regular Geiger counter.
                We generate steam by 20° C superheat.  We give the steam a slight vent, so we the superheated steam at 700° C.  It then passes to the turbine.
                As it drives a turbine in a turbulent fashion, we get my release of red light.  And also the X ray radiation.  So the steam is actually 20° C warmer after it has done 10° C any useful work generating electricity.
                So molecular nuclear fusion we do in the turbine hall, generates 30° C.  This was four titanium turbine blades.  Which are an Face Centred Cubic metal.  Which capitalises hydrogen reactions, including molecular nuclear fusion. 2!
                They are no use nimonics.  Which have a BCC crystalline structure.  & Same does not have sufficient strength but obviously no around turbine at.  We should give the steam entry side of the turbine blade a titanium plate.
                The underlying Nimonic we’ll give the strength to the structure.  But we double the amount of molecular nuclear fusion we are doing.  More than doubling the power output of the power station.
                We should immerse titanium wire wool in the boiler room.  This will double the amount of
molecular nuclear fusion we are doing in the boiler chamber.
                The most important is that I had, falls from my PH D supervisor.  Who suggested we pass the exit steam into a double helix.
                Do the other side of the helix, we passed a low pressure Carnot gas.  Which condenses the steam!  But now the thermal energy he’s in our Carnot gas, just at 90° C.
                We then double the pressure all the Carnot gas, and half the quantity of gas or 270° C.  We pass me is high pressure gas three fire tubes in most of the base of the boiler chamber.
                Rather than throw the heat away to the environment, we have recovered 85% of the heat than today and the throw away to the air.
                The molecular nuclear fusion we do in the boiler room and the turbine hall country is 40° C to the heat of the exit steam.  This is more than our efficiency losses.
                So after 2% recycling the generated power, to drive the Carnot system, we can turn of the gas or oil burn was so station is running.
                We will only need to burn fossil fuels for 10 minutes every year, as a restart the steam turbine.  We loop the heat back to the boiler room, and all the extra heat we have generated by doing molecular nuclear fusion, compensates for our efficiency losses.
                So we produce no carbon neutral turbine cycle: we burn no oil, gas or coal.  We do consume a minuscule fraction of the cooling water.  We can use the heat of the exit steam, to boil of river water.
                And then bubble this steam through the boiler room water.  This is called a Windermere kettle.  And does molecular nuclear fusion!  As I discovered in the 1950s!
                You would rather not burn any fossil fuels.  OK, using a steam plasma tubes.  These cause by lightning, and again do molecular nuclear fusion.
3              H++e- ->n0           the hydrogen ions bond with free electrons to form neutrons
4              18O2- +t n0 ->161H++24e- the oxygen ions bond with the neutrons and undergo nuclear fission.  Any up as 16 hydrogen ions.
5              1H++u n0 F->E3+L+Xray                   the hydrogen ions fission into massive energy, light and X rays
6              16O2- +v n0 ->29Be2++E+4e-
                As equation 6 shows, the nuclear fission of oxygen and other lower bman’s atomic nuclei, takes in neutrons.  And converts them into energy.  Making the net process exothermic.
                So the oxygen fissions the exothermically, into 16 hydrogen ions and early 28 electrons.  The other four electrons bond to hydrogen ions, to form neutrons.  Which the nuclear fission converts into free energy.
                This is a moderately complicated physics.  The upshot is A steam plasma will convert regular water into electricity!  With as much nuclear radiation as we see today in a conventionally five power station.
                Uranium fission converts enriched uranium into massively toxic radioactive metals.  Converting eight neutrons into electricity.  That is 8/263th of the mass being converted into energy.
                And steam plasma he’s up to 100% energy conversion!  64 times as exothermic.  Using regular water.  Generating no toxic radioactive waste.
                This is a free Energy System of nature!  Every biological organism on earth does biological molecular nuclear fusion.
7              eg mCO2+n(n+r)(H2O) ->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+E3+L+Xray)
                Geography is already noted the release of X rays and helium.  And put on record that plants doing photosynthesis in UV light, generated faint blue lights.  Plants only year’s the UV parts of visible light.
                Animals also converts carbon dioxide and water, into methane, free radical oxygen and X ray radiation.  You do it as your heart beats!  You can take your pulse with a Geiger counter as a result.
                Again there is no chemical source of X ray radiation.
                So nature does nuclear fusion on earth.  A lightning bolt turn regular water into a 1.5km partial steam plasma in the free air.  When it touches down we discharge the 100 amps of charge generated by heavy rain storms, which do molecular nuclear fusion again.
                This makes 5 tonnes of helium ions.  Which represents 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  As sound, light, heat and X rays.  There is no chemical source of helium, visible light or X rays.
8              H2O+T+O2 ->He2++O32-+E2+L+Xray
                This is the source of the light flashes occasionally caught on photographic film!  Where there is no source of light.  No external source of light that ps!
                So remove in a fusion driven world.  Heated nature gets 1040 W of energy from the nuclear fusion that goes on around the world.  Only 1060 W from direct sun light.
                My master’s degree in to engineering, was very concerned with radioactivity.  It turns out people liberate radiation, with every beat of their heart.  So all mitochondria also produce nuclear radiation.
                As again carbon dioxide and water is metabolised into helium, free radical oxygen, heat and X ray radiation.
                A totally clean energy source.  That uses no enriched radioactive isotopes.  And most crucially does not produce any stratospherically hyper toxic radioactive waste.  Which remains lethal for 100,000 years.
                And nuclear power has never costed.  And our ancestors will be left with the radioactive course of a formerly.  Storing toxic waste basically for ever!
                And all the time nature gets on with doing molecular nuclear fusion: the nontoxic and free energy source.  That is 0.5 million times as exothermic as the burning of oil and gas.
                Eight times as exothermic as hyper toxic uranium fission: the most bankrupt and toxic Energy System on earth.  The cost of decommissioning its plants, and storing its waste and strip their profits the process of thinks it makes, by a factor of 1000.
                Any new nuclear programme has to includes the cost for decommissioning and waste storage.  And carried adequate insurance, of 100 billion power plant!  No commercial insurance above 1 billion is available.
                Which means every operating nuclear facility on earth is operating massively under insured!  The national regulators must issue an immediate stop orders on every operating plant.
                Most of which are operating after their planning consent has long since expired.  Planning extensions are not legally valid.
                I actually started writing this paper, wishing to talk about hypersonic jet travel.  We modifying A jet exhaust manifold, to include a porous layer through which we pump regular water.
                We get superheated steam!  He divide the jet exhaust, and obviously the molecular nuclear fusion as water boils.
                We inject this steam after the combustion chamber, through a range of nozzles.  As the steam passes through titanium turbine, it does molecular nuclear fusion: which is why jet engines give off X rays in operation.
                No we are applying the jet at hypersonic speed!  And we can turn of all aviation fuel.  The molecular nuclear fusion produces the heat that boils off water.
                We have no carbon dioxide production in regular flights.  We years a very little regular water.  To below the jet at hypersonic speed.  Jet travel is a major source of carbon dioxide today.
                The four biggest source, after of power generation, car locomotion and fires.  The 5th biggest source is animal respiration: so stop breathing instantly!
                Within 5 minutes all carbon dioxide research from the air, and converted into plant biomass.  Plants excrete the oxygen animals need to breathe in.
9              rO2+Cm(H2O)n ->mCH4+s(He2++O32-+E2)
                So you are sat there are quite happily doing molecular nuclear fusion!  The clean Energy System of nature.  A steam plasma tube will generate a constant 5.8 MW/m of heat energy.
                Turning regular water into fantastic heat!  Utilising a thimble full of regular water a decade to drive 100 MW power station.  Utilising 8 2m steam plasma tubes.
                And having no boiler room!  Do no hyper toxic uranium fission.  So he can use have ring of nozzles, to drive a jet of hypersonic speed!  The jet exhaust boiling off regular water, to free is superheated steam, that will continue the cycle.
                Aviation fuel is one way to start the jet off.  Using terrestrial energy to charge up a steam reservoir on the jet is another.  Generating utterly no carbon dioxide.  Are you listening
Sir Richard Branson?

Jonathan Thomason

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